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Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2013 




By Barbara B. Brooks and B, L. Griem 

Breakfast — Yellow Section 
Luncheon — Pink Section 
Dinner — White Section 


Copyright 1944 by Crste Dahl 
Seventh Printing, 1948 


^yv rlevu ^Ci 


-li VERY time you order a meal you make a menu. 
The study of this science, which most of us 
want to practice at a profit, can be divided into 
twelve logical divisions: 

1 — color; 2 — form; 3 — flavor; 4 — texture; 
5 — cost; 6 — season; 7 — balance; 8 — arrange- 
ment; 9 — consistency; 10 — temperature; 11 
— time; 12 — patrons. 
These may not be listed in logical order. This 
is more of a task than we wish to attempt. There 
are too many factors that influence the individual. 
But these are the boiled down suggestions under 
each of the twelve groups. 

Color. No need to tell you that color influ- 
ences appetite — and digestion. But the expert 
menu maker thinks of a plate combination as an 
artist does of his oils. His pictures would lack life 
and interest (and sales appeal) if he didn't use 
a variety of color to give high lights and low 
lights. A poor color combination would be 
creamed tuna, mashed potatoes, cauliflower and 
white bread. You can get colorless combinations 
like these in good eating places almost any day. 
Let's see how much we can salvage from this 
for a more colorful plate. First, make a square 
of mashed potatoes in the center of the plate. 
You could use a pastry tube. Next, put the 
creamed tuna in the ring, putting the piece of fish 
in a mound (not too much liquid) . Now a little 
paprika on the tuna. Three or four glazed carrot 

slices (quartered lengthwise) on one side of the 
plate and a touch of red on the other side. This 
might be a couple of slices of tomato on a lettuce 
leaf. On each of the other facing sides, a small por- 
tion of spinach on one side and a tablespoon of peas 
on the other. These would all be small portions — 
no more in bulk for the six foods than for the 
three on the first plate. Here is variety of harmon- 
izing colors, form, flavor, texture, consistency, low 
cost and temperature. It wouldn't take much to 
put this menu out of balance. Tomato soup would 
do it. So would cream of spinach or pea soup. A 
nice soup would be chicken broth or an opener 
of fruit. 

Form. Flat surfaces are uninteresting. It is 
the valleys, hills and mountains in combination 
with meadows that make for scenic beauty. In 
menu making, especially on plate combinations, 
it is necessary to strive for contrast in form — 
foods dished out in different shapes and sizes. 
Bad form would be to have a combination of all 
foods flat in shape or all shaped in piles like a 
series of croquettes. Good form would be a 
stuflFed green pepper (with beef) potato cake, 
braised carrots and green peas. Here you have 
diflferent shapes and sizes with color variation 
as well. 

Texture. The ensemble idea is the vogue in 
fashions. But stylists always recommend a varia- 
tion in fabric textures — smooth, rough, glossy, 
dull, etc. So with food. A vegetable plate of 
cooked cabbage, spinach, and beet greens would 
be a plate of one texture. Potatoes, peas, carrots, 
celery would be vegetables of diflferent texture. 

Flavor, "Variety is the spice of life" and for 
the menu maker this refers to variety of flavor. 
All sharp or all bland flavors spoil the taste and 
appetite appeal of a meal. A little sweet, a little 
sour and a little bland is the ideal. Relishes often 
add the extra flavor which many foods lack. 

Consistency. A meal of mushy foods lacks 
appetite appeal. But how often you see combina- 
tions such as this: creamed eggs on toast, mashed 
potatoes, stewed corn, chocolate pudding. Meals 
should be planned so that the teeth have some- 
thing to chew on. 

Arrangement. Foods must look well on the 
plate. This is especially true of plate combina- 
tions. Keep colors which are somewhat alike 
separated by foods which are diflPerent in shape 
and color. Garnishes of watercress, parsley, cran- 
berries, pimiento, fruit slices, tomatoes, etc., sim- 
plify the task. Plate arrangement is very diflicult 
to teach. For it a menu maker needs a good 
sense of balance, an appreciation of the artistic 
and a feel for orderly combinations. That is why 
it is so difficult to find a salad girl who can put 
up beautiful looking salad and fruit plates. 

Balance. This refers to dietetic balance as 
well as appearance. These are some of the most 
common faults in planning a meal: 

The use of tomato in two forms — as in 
soup and salad. 

The use of beef in two forms — as in soup 
and main dish. 

The use of potatoes and corn or rice — two 
starches. One is enough. 

The use of three fruits for one meal — as 
in appetizer, on plate combination and in 

The modern menu maker knows that it is essen- 
tial to have a general background of practical 

Temperature. Variety of temperature adds 
flavor to a meal. Therefore, even for the warm- 
est days in summer menu makers plan to have 
at least one warm dish, soup or beverage. And 
for winter menus it is good practice to have cold 
relishes. But hot foods should be served hot and 
cold foods cold. The best meal can be spoiled by 
serv^ing warm fruit cups or warm salads and cold 
biscuits or cold waffles. Waiters and waitresses 
must be taught to pick up and deliver hot dishes 

Season. It is often smart to serve out of sea- 
son foods. But generally the best meal (and most 
economical) can be served from foods that are 
in season. They are at their best at this time. 
The good menu maker plans to use such food 

Cost. In commercial service, cost is all-impor- 
tant. To maintain a 40 per cent food cost, it is 
necessary to watch prices very carefully. When 
certain foods become too expensive, others must 
be substituted. At certain seasons, eggs are pro- 
hibitive in price. They must be kept at a mini- 
mum at such times — for all purposes. The wise 
menu-maker makes the menu on the market. But 
to do so requires a wide acquaintance with foods 
— their food values, flavors and appearance in 
cooked form in various combinations. 

Hour. A meal that is perfectly proper for 10 
a. m. would be out of place at 8 p. m.; in many 
cases, for no other reason than that people asso- 
ciate certain foods with different times of the day. 
There are regional variations as well. There is 
the habit of serving the heavy meal at noon as in 
New England resorts and parts of the Middle 

Patrons. This is the most important. When 
you know your public you have solved the prob- 
lem of making acceptable menus. You must con- 
sider eating habits. And they vary according to 
occupation, wage scale, sex, age and nationality. 
The menu for the same people at work or on 
vacation would vary. And they will eat differ- 
ently at noon and at dinner. The two-hour for 
luncheon executive wants a different menu from 
that of the girl who takes his dictation. A Ger- 
man neighborhood wants heavy dishes — a factory 
section wants plain substantial grub — the office 
girl likes salads, sandwiches and fountain specials. 

These are the highlights of menu making. But 
we warn you — it's a science that takes years of 
practical study of food, preparation, markets, and 
people. The authors of this book, Barbara B. 
Brooks and B. L. Griem, present an excellent 
assortment of dietetically balanced menus for pop- 
ular priced service. Use them for better food 


vDreakfait fvlenud 



J-l. Tomato Juice, Corn Flakes, Bacon, Bran Waffles, 
Sirup, Beverage. 

J-2. Stewed Apricots and Dates, Rice Krispies, Scram- 
bled Eggs with Parsley, Buttered Bran Bread Toast, 

J- 3. Grapefruit Halves, Broiled Sausage, Corn Bread, 

J-4. Baked Apples with Cranberries, Corn Flakes, 
Poached Eggs on Toast Rounds, Beverage. 

J- 5. Tangerines, Griddle Cakes, Maple Sirup, Bev- 

J-6. Bananas in Orange Juice, All-Bran, Baked Ome- 
let Souffle, Currant Pinwheels, Beverage. 

J-7. Honeyed Prunes, Corned Beef Hash, Crisp Pan 
Bread, Beverage. 

J-8. Diced Pineapple and Bananas, Creamed Chipped 
Beef and Hard Cooked Eggs, Hot Biscuits, Beverage. 

J-9. Sliced Oranges, Hot Shredded Whole Wheat Bis- 
cuit, Ham Omelet, Raisin Bread Toast, Beverage. 

J- 10. Fruit Cup, French Toast, Jelly or Sirup, Breakfast 
Rolls, Beverage. 

J-11. Apples Baked in Pineapple Juice, Rice Krispies, 
Eggs Fried in Butter, Bran Muffins, Jam, Beverage. 

J- 12. Grapefruit with Fresh Fruit Center, Poached 
Eggs, Crisp Bacon, Toasted Cinnamon Buns, Beverage. 

J-l 3. Stewed Peaches, Shredded Whole Wheat Biscuit, 
Broiled Canadian Bacon, Toast, Beverage. 

J- 14. Pineapple Juice with Lemon, Salt Pork in Cream 
Gravy, Crisp Corn Muffins, Beverage. 

J-l 5. Baked Pears, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Soft 
Cooked Eggs, Toasted Buns, Jam, Beverage. 

J- 16. Orange Juice, Shirred Eggs, Raisin Bread Toast, 

J- 17. Apricots Cooked with Raisins, Corn Flakes, Fried 
Ham, Cinnamon Toast, Beverage. 

J- 18. Iced Tomato Juice, Shirred Eggs, Raisin Bread 
Toast, Beverage. 

J- 19. Grapefruit and Orange Sections, Cooked Wheat 
Cereal, Meat Balls, Cranberry Muffins, Beverage. 

J-20. Spiced Apple Sauce, Shredded Whole Wheat Bis- 
cuit, Toasted English Muffins, Beverage. 

J-21. Pineapple Fingers, Bran Flakes, Crisp Bacon 
Curls, Steamed Eggs, Toast, Beverage. 

J-22. Halves of Grapefruit — Strawberry Garnish, Frizz- 
led Ham in Cream, Hot Biscuits, Beverage. 

J-23. Baked Rhubarb, Dried Beef with Scrambled Eggs, 
Cornmeal Muffins, Beverage. 

J-24. Stewed Figs — Cream, Codfish Souffle, Poppyseed 
Rolls, Beverage. 

J-25. Baked Apple-Prune Center, Wheat Krispies, 
Poached Eggs and Bacon, Corn Dodgers, Beverage. 

J-26. Queen Anne Cherries, Corned Beef Hash with 
Eggs, Coffee Cake, Beverage. 

J-27. Chilled Orange and Grapefruit Juice, Bran 
Waffles, Tiny Sausages, Melba Toast, Beverage. 

J-28. Bananas with Corn Flakes, Brown Sugar and 
Cream, Beef Kidney Stew, Rice Muffins, Beverage. 

J-29. Prunes and Apricots, Sausage Cakes, French 
Toast, Sirup, Beverage. 

J- 30. Chilled Grape Juice, Wheat Krispies, Eggs in 
Bacon Rings, Toasted Muffins, Beverage. 

J-31. Halved Oranges, Pep Bran Flakes, Broiled White 
Fish, Rye Bread, Toast, Beverage. 





F-l. Chilled Grapefruit Halves, Corn Flakes, French 
Toast with Quince Jelly, Beverage. 

F-2. Iced Two-Tone Fruit Juice, Hot Wheat Cereal, 
Crisp Bacon, Puffy Omelet, Rye Bread Toast, Beverage. 

F-3. Stewed Prunes with Lemon, All-Bran, Toasted 
English Muffins with Grapefruit Marmalade, Beverage. 

F-4. Chilled Orange Slices, Oatmeal, Broiled Calves 
Liver, Toast, Beverage. 

F-5. Tomato Juice, Poached Shredded Whole Wheat 
Biscuit, Eggs Scrambled w^ith Chopped Bacon, Toast, 

F-6. Kadota Figs, Fried Hominy, Tiny Sausages, 
Whole Wheat Toast, Beverage. 

F-7. Rice Krispies with Sliced Bananas, Toasted 
Sweet Roll, Beverage. 

F-8. Baked Rosy Apple, Whole Wheat Krumbles, 
Poached Eggs on Toast Rings, Beverage. 

F-9. Chilled Orange Juice, Broiled Ham Slices with 
Pineapple, Bran Muffins, Beverage. 

F-10. Royal Anne and Bing Cherry Cup, Bran Griddle 
Cakes, Bacon Curls, Sirup, Beverage. 

F-11. Chilled Fresh Grapefruit Juice, Wheat Krispies, 
Soft Cooked Eggs, Raisin Toast, Beverage. 

F-l 2. Orange and Banana Cup, Shredded Whole 
Wheat Biscuit, Canadian Bacon, Toast, Blackberr>^ Jajn, 

F-l 3. Stewed Dried Apricots, Golden Waffles, Honey, 

F-14. Iced Pineapple Juice, Shirred Eggs with Sau- 
sages, Bran Biscuits, Beverage. 


F.15. Tokay Grape Clusters, Whole Wheat Flakes, 
Kippered Herring on Toast, Beverage. 

F-16. Chilled Prune and Lemon Juice, Fried Cornmeal 
Mush, Pork Gravy or Sirup, Beverage. 

F-17. Minted Grapefruit Halves, Rice Krispies, Scram- 
bled Eggs with Tomatoes, Cinnamon Toast, Beverage. 

F-18. Corn Flakes, Sliced Bananas, Codfish Cakes, Rye 
Bread Toast, Beverage. 

F-19- Chilled Orange Juice, Frizzled Ham, Creamed 
Potatoes, Date Bran Muffins, Beverage. 

F.20. Spiced Apple Sauce, Whole Wheat Krumbles, 
Parsley Omelet, Sweet Rolls, Beverage. 

F-21. Winter Pears, Hot Wheat Cereal with Raisins,' 
Sausage Patties, Toast, Crabapple Jelly, Beverage. 

F-22. Fruit Compote, Poached Shredded Whole Wheat 
Biscuit, Cinnamon Roll, Beverage. 

F-23. Chilled Pineapple Cup, Bran WaflFles, Sirup, 

F-24. Sliced Oranges, Pep Bran Flakes, Raisin Toast, 

F-25. Baked Dried Figs with Cream, Rice Krispies, 
French Toast, Currant Jelly, Beverage. 

F-27. All-Bran, Broiled Lamb Chops with Apple Rings, 
Toast, Beverage. 

F-28. Sliced Bananas, Wheat Krispies, Steamed Eggs, 
Coffee Cake, Beverage. 


M-1. Orange Juice, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Frizzled 
Ham, Toast, Beverage. 

M-2. Stewed Peaches, French Toast, Sirup, Beverage. 


M-3. Prune Juice, Oatmeal, Jelly Omelet, Corn Sticks, 

M-4. Grapefruit, Whole Wheat Flakes, Scrambled 
Eggs and Ham, Brioche, Beverage. 

M-5. Pineapple Sections, Southern Waffles, Sausages, 

M-6. Sliced Bananas, Corn Flakes, Shirred Eggs, Pop- 
overs, Beverage. 

M-7. Farina with Dates, Fried Eggs, Whole Wheat 
Toast, Beverage. 

M-8. Grapefruit Juice, Bran Flakes, Toasted Corn 
Muffins, Honey, Beverage. 

M-9. Cranberr}' Juice, Bran Waffles, Broiled Ham, 

M-10. Apple Sauce, Rice Krispies, Poached Mackerel, 
Hard Rolls, Beverage. 

M-11. Chilled Grapefruit Sections, Grilled Bacon, 
Fried Mush, Sirup, Beverage. 

M-12. Pineapple Juice, Breakfast Sausage, Buckwheat 
Griddle Cakes, Sirup, Beverage. 

M-13. Tomato Juice, Pep Bran Flakes, Poached Eggs 
on Toasted English Muffins, Beverage. 

M-14. Baked Pears, Shredded Whole Wheat Biscuit, 
Fluffy Omelet, Rye and White Toast, Beverage. 

M-15. Grapefruit Juice, Oatmeal with All-Bran, Grill- 
ed Sausages, Soft Rolls, Beverage. 

M-16. Breakfast Stuffed Prunes, Broiled Lamb Chop, 
Swedish Tea Ring, Beverage. 

M-17. Stewed Figs, Rice Krispies, Saambled Eggs, 
Toasted Raisin Muffins, Beverage. 

M-18. Pineapple and Orange Juice, Whole Wheat 
Cooked Cereal, Soft Cooked Eggs, Almond Coffee Cake, 


M-19. Stewed Apricots, Poached Eggs on Toasted 

Shredded Whole Wheat Biscuit, Toast, Beverage. 

M.20. Baked Apple, Corn Flakes, Broiled White Fish, 

Popovers, Beverage. 

M-21. Tomato Juice, Creamed Dried Beef on Toast, 

Buttered Toast, Jelly, Beverage. 

M-22. Baked Apple with Raisins, Farina, Breakfast 

Bacon, Graham Gems, Beverage. 

M-23. Grapefruit Halves, Shirred Eggs with Diced 

Bacon, Bran Muffins, Beverage. 

M-24. Sliced Pineapple, Pep Bran Flakes, Frizzled 

Ham, Toast, Beverage. 

M-25. Orange Juice, Oatmeal, Sausage with Pineapple 
Rings, Hot Biscuits, Beverage. 

M-26. Stewed Apricots, Whole Wheat Krumbles, 
Grilled Bacon, Bran Cornmeal Muffins, Beverage. 
M-27. Stewed Prunes, Bacon and Eggs, Toast, Bev- 

M-28. Sliced Bananas, Pep Bran Flakes, Broiled Bacon, 
Sally Lunn, Beverage. 

M-29. Sliced Oranges, Wheat Krispies, Fried Sausage 
Cakes, Spider Corn Bread, Beverage. 
M-30. Stewed Rhubarb, Cheese Omelet, Bran Muffins, 

M-31. Grapefruit Halves, Grilled Sausages, Griddle 
Cakes, Sirup, Beverage. 


A-l. Half Grapefruit, Wheat Krispies, Scrambled 

Eggs, Toasted Rolls, Beverage. 

A-2. Tomato Juice, Corn Flakes, Poached Egg on 

Toast, Beverage. 

A- 3. Fresh Pineapple Sauce, Fried Salt Pork with 

Milk Gravy, Rye Toast, Beverage. 

A-4. Sliced Bananas and Cream, Bran Flakes, Bacon 

and Eggs, Toasted Muffins, Beverage. 


A-5. Chilled Pears, French Toast, Brown Sugar Sirup, 

A-6. Baked Grapefruit, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Ba- 
con and Waffles, Beverage. 

A-7. Pineapple Juice, Pep Bran Flakes, Kippered Her- 
ring, Corn Muffins, Beverage. 

A-8. Orange Juice, Whole Wheat Flakes, Canadian 
Bacon, Toasted Rolls, Strawberry Jam, Beverage. 

A-9. Rhubarb Sauce, Rice Krispies, Creamed Codfish 
on Toast, Toast and Marmalade, Beverage. 

A- 10. Grapefruit Juice, Wheat Krispies, Link Sausage, 
Cream Waffles, Beverage. 

A- 11. Prunes with Lemon, Frizzled Ham, Bran Muffins 
and Jelly, Beverage. 

A- 12. Sliced Oranges, Canadian Bacon, Bran Griddle 
Cakes, Maple Sirup, Beverage. 

A-13. Grapefruit Sections, Chopped Ham in Cream, 
Toast, Beverage. 

A- 14. Stewed Apricots and Prunes, Wheat Krispies, 
Coddled Eggs, Melba Toast, Beverage. 

A- 15. Fresh Pineapple and Bananas, Baked Sausage, 
Griddle Cakes, Beverage. 

A- 16. Apple Sauce with Lemon, Rice Krispies, Baked 
Omelet, Toast and Jam, Beverage. 

A- 17. Orange Halves, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Baked 
Eggs, Grilled Bacon, Toasted Bran Muffins, Beverage. 

A- 18. Grapefruit Halves, Corn Flakes, Hot Com Bread, 
Sirup, Beverage. 

A- 19. Pineapple Juice, Corn Flakes, Soft Boiled Eggs, 
Toast, Jam, Beverage. 

A-20. Tomato Juice, Crisp Bacon and Waffles, Brown 
Sugar Sirup, Beverage. 

A-21. Sliced Oranges, Pep Bran Flakes, Coddled Eggs 
on Toast, Doughnuts, Beverage. 

A-22. Fresh Pineapple, Wheat Krispies, Omelet, Cin- 
namon Rolls, Beverage. 


A-23. Grapefruit Sections, Haddock Baked in Cream, 
Toast, Beverage. 

A-24. Rhubarb Sauce, Whole Wheat Flakes, Grilled 
Ham and Eggs, Bran Muffins, Beverage. 

A-25. Stewed Apricots, Corn Flakes, Toast and Straw- 
berry Jam, Beverage. 

A-26. Orange Juice, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Fried 
Eggs, Pecan Rolls, Beverage. 

A-27. Stewed Prunes, Baked Eggs in Bacon Rings, 
Toast, Beverage. 

A-28. Grapefruit Halves, Wheat Krispies, Canadian 
Bacon, Rye Toast, Beverage. 

A-29. Fresh Pineapple, Shredded Whole Wheat Bis- 
cuit. Frizzled Ham in Cream, Bran Muffins, Beverage. 

A- 30. Tomato Juice, Fish Balls, Raisin Buns, Beverage. 



M-1. Orange Juice, Corn Flakes with All-Bran, Crisp 
Bacon, Toast, Jam, Beverage. 

M-2. Chilled Queen Anne Cherries, Whole Wheat 
Krumbles, Baked Eggs, Rye Toast, Jam, Beverage. 

M-3. Tomato Juice, Pep Bran Flakes, Waffles with 
Honey, Beverage. 

M-4. Grapefruit Sections, Sausages, Hot Corn Bread, 

M-5. Sugared Strawberries, Rice Krispies, Bacon and 
Egg5, Toast, Jam, Beverage. 

M-6. Pineapple Juice, Whole Wheat Flakes, Bacon 
Omelet, Hot Muffins, Beverage. 

M-7. Stewed Rhubarb, Poached Eggs on Toast, Rolls, 

M-9. Sliced Oranges, Sausages, Bran Pancakes, Bev- 


M-10. Prunes with Lemon, Shredded Whole Wheat 
Biscuit, Canadian Bacon, Sweet Rolls, Beverage. 

M-11. Strawberries and Corn Flakes with Cream, Eggs 
Scrambled with Chipped Beef, Hot Muffins, Beverage. 

M-12. Grapefruit Juice, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Soft 
Boiled Eggs, R^'e Toast, Beverage. 

M-13. Orange Halves, Frizzled Ham, Sweet Rolls, 

M-14. Rhubarb Sauce, Wheat Krispies, Bacon Omelet, 
Toast, Jam, Beverage. 

M-15. Whole Wheat Biscuit with Sliced Bananas, Sau- 
sage, Bran WaiSPles, Beverage. 

M-16. Strawberries and Cubed Fresh Pineapple, Ham 
and Eggs, Toast, Jam, Beverage. 

M-17. Grapefruit Juice, Whole Wheat Flakes, Jelly 
Omelet, Hot Corn Bread, Beverage. 

M-18. Tomato Juice with Lemon, Pep Bran Flakes, 
Crisp Bacon, Rye Toast, Beverage. 

M-I9. Pineapple Juice, Broiled Ham, Bran Pancakes, 

M-20. Sugared Strawberries, Shredded Whole Wheat 
Biscuit, Grilled Bacon, Toast, Beverage. 

M-21. Orange Juice, Corn Flakes, Soft Boiled Eggs, 
Bran Muffins, Beverage. 

M-22. Fresh Sliced Pineapple, Canadian Bacon and 
Eggs, Toast, Jam, Beverage. 

M-23. Rhubarb Sauce, Wheat Krispies, Tiny Sausages, 
Hot Muffins, Beverage. 

M-24. Chilled Queen Anne Cherries, Bran Flakes, 
Baked Eggs, Toast Rounds, Beverage. 

M-25. Strawberries and Cream, Scrambled Eggs and 
Bacon, Rye Toast, Beverage. 

M-26. Tomato Juice, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Poach- 
ed Eggs, Buttered Toast, Beverage. 

M-27. Grapefruit Sections, Corn Flakes, Canadian Ba- 
con, Cinnamon Toast, Beverage. 


M-28. Strawberries and Sliced Fresh Pineapple, Shred- 
ded Whole Wheat Biscuit, Soft Boiled Eggs, Corn Muf- 
fins, Beverage. 

M-29. Orange Juice, Wheat Krispies, Ham Omelet, 
Toast, Beverage. 

M-30. Stewed Rhubarb, Bacon Curls and Eggs, Bran 
Muffins, Beverage. 

M-31. Pineapple Juice, Shredded Whole Wheat Bis- 
cuit, Crisp Bacon, Sweet Rolls, Beverage. 



J-l. Pink Rhubarb, Corn Flakes, Broiled Bacon, Melba 
Toast, Beverage. 

J-2. Orange Juice, Pep Bran Flakes, Kippered Her- 
ring, Sour Cream Biscuits, Beverage. 

J- 3. Rhubarb and Pineapple, Corned Beef Hash, Bran 
Muffins, Beverage. 

J-4. Grapefruit, Shredded Whole Wheat Biscuit, Shir- 
red Eggs, Hard Rolls, Peach Jam, Beverage. 

J- 5- Stewed Apricots with Cream, All-Bran, Crisp 
Bacon and Eggs, Toast, Strawberry Jam, Beverage. 

J-6. Sliced Oranges, Wheat Krispies, Fried Fish, 
French Fried Potatoes, Toast, Beverage. 

J-7. Apple Sauce, Bacon, French Toast, Beverage. 

J-8. Strawberries with Cream, Whole Wheat Krum- 
bles, Soft Cooked Eggs, Toast Fingers, Beverage. 

J-9. Rhubarb and Strawberries, Bran Flakes, Poached 
Eggs, Toast, Orange Marmalade, Beverage. 

J-10. Grapefruit, Rice Krispies, Creamed Dried Beef, 
Corn Muffins, Beverage. 

J-11. Prunes and Sliced Oranges, Creamed Codfish, 
Hard Rolls, Jam, Beverage. 

J-l 2. Figs (fresh or preserved), All-Bran, Cinnamon 
Buns, Beverage. 


J- 13. Orange Juice, Rice Krispies, Scrambled Eggs, 
Toast, Grape Conserve, Beverage. 

J- 14. Tomato Juice, Grilled Lamb Kidneys, Rolls, 
Jelly, Beverage. 

J- 15. Strawberries, Corn Flakes, Boiled Eggs, Sweet 
Rolls, Beverage. 

J- 16. Sliced Bananas, Shredded Whole Wheat Biscuit, 
Cheese Omelet, Toast, Beverage. 

J- 17. Halved Oranges, Pep Bran Flakes, Broiled To- 
matoes and Bacon, Melba Toast, Beverage. 

J- 18. Cantaloupe, Mackerel in Cream, Boiled Potatoes, 
Hard Rolls, Beverage. 

J- 19. Tomato Juice, Rice Krispies, Broiled Ham, Corn 
Sticks, Honey, Beverage. 

J-20. Pineapple (fresh or juice), Wheat Krispies, 
Poached Eggs, Parker House Rolls, Beverage. 

J-21. Orange Juice, Liver and Bacon, Bran Muffins, 
Strawberry Jam, Beverage. 

J-22. Sliced Bananas, Jelly Omelet, Raised Biscuits, 

J-23. Prunes, Corn Flakes, Grilled Ham, Popovers, 

J-24. Grapefruit, Pep Bran Flakes, Scrambled Eggs, 
Toasted Rolls, Jelly. 

J-25. Raspberries, Fried Perch, Hot Muffins, Beverage. 

J-26. Tom.ato Juice, Bran Flakes, Griddle Cakes, 
Honey, Beverage. 

J-27. Orange Juice, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Boiled 
Eggs, Toast, Marmalade, Beverage. 

J-28. Strawberries, Rice Flakes, Broiled Bacon, Brari 
Muffins, Beverage. 

J-29. Pineapple, All-Bran, Poached Eggs, Toast, Bev- 

J-30. Raspberries, Wheat Krispies, Coffee Cake, Bev- 




J-1. Red Raspberries, Corn Flakes, Crisp Bacon, 
Whole Wheat Toast, Honey, Beverage. 

J-2. Iced Melon, Bran Flakes, Jelly Omelet, Meiba 
Toast, Beverage. 

J-3. Fresh Stewed Cherries, Shredded Whole Wheat 
Biscuit, Hard Cooked Eggs in Cream, Breakfast Rolls, 

J-4. Pineapple Wedges, Poached Eggs in Ham Nests, 
All Bran Scones, Blackberry Jam, Beverage. 

J- 5. Blueberries, Wheat Krispies, Fried Mush, Shaved 
Maple Sugar, Beverage. 

J-6. Cantaloupe Halves, Eggs Fried with Diced Ba- 
con, Toasted Muffins, Beverage. 

J-7. Sliced Bananas with Fresh Berries, Whole Wheat 
Flakes, Creamed Chipped Beef, Corn Bread, Beverage. 

J-8. Baked Rhubarb, All-Bran, Parsley Eggs, Pecan 
Rolls, Beverage. 

J-9. Sliced Oranges, Rice Krispies and Whole Wheat 
Krumbles, Popovers, Jam, Beverage. 

J- 10. Fresh Fruit Plate, Tiny Sausages, Bran Pancakes, 
Preserves, Beverage. 

J-11. Chilled Grape Clusters, Poached Eggs and Frizz- 
led Ham, Toasted Whole Wheat Rolls, Beverage. 

J.12. Blackberries, Whole Wheat Flakes, Creamy 
Scrambled Eggs, Nut Bread Toast, Beverage. 

J-1 3. Fresh Apricots, Bran WafHes, Maple Sirup, Ba- 
con, Biscuits, Beverage. 

J- 14. Orange Juice, Baked Beans, Steamed Brown 
Bread, Butter, Beverage. 

J-1 5. Grapefruit Cup with Cherries, Bran Flakes. 
French Toast Sprinkled with Sugar, Beverage. 

J- 16. Melon Boats, Rice Krispies, Eggs Poached in 
Cream, Toasted Biscuits, Beverage. 


J- 17. Sliced Peaches, Whole Wheat Krumbles, German 
Coffee Cake, Beverage. 

J- 18. Fresh Pear, Fish Cakes, Crisp Rye Bread Toast, 
Strawberry Jam, Beverage. 

J- 19. Huckleberries, Corn Flakes, Fresh Cinnamon 
Rolls, Beverage. 

J-20. Banana and Orange Cup, French Toast, Butter, 
Shaved Maple Sugar, Beverage. 

J-21. Assorted Fruit, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Hot 
Muffins, Marmalade, Beverage. 

J-22. Poached Shredded Whole Wheat Biscuit, New 
Apple Sauce with Toast, Beverage. 

J-23. Grapefruit Juice, Poached Eggs in Buttered Toast 
Rounds, Beverage. 

J-24. Warm Stewed Pears, Bran Flakes, Filled Coffee 
Cake, Beverage. 

J-25. Whole Peaches, Rice Krispies, Grilled Liver Pat- 
ties, Toast, Beverage. 

J-26. Chilled Orange Juice, Shirred Eggs, Toasted 
Muffins, Beverage. 

J-27. Honeyed Prunes, Corn Flakes and Whole Wheat 
Kru mbles, Bacon Pan Bread, Beverage. 

J-28. Cherry Clusters, Wheat Krispies, Creamy Scram- 
bled Eggs, Toasted Nut Bread, Beverage. 

J-29. Chilled Tomato Juice, Pep Bran Flakes, Fish 
Flakes in Cream, Hard Rolls, Beverage. 

J- 30. Sliced Peaches in Cream, Sugared French Toast 
Strips, Beverage. 

J-31. Chilled Grapes, Shredded Whole Wheat Bis- 
cuit, Hot Salted Milk, Long Johns, Beverage. 




A-l. Chilled Honeydew Melon, Corn Flakes, Bacon 
Curls, Toasted Pecan Rolls, Beverage. 

A-2. Orange Juice, Bran Waffles, Sirup, Beverage. 

A- 3. Blackberries with Rice Krispies, Parsley Omelet, 
Broiled Ham Slices, Toast, Beverage. 

A-4. Chilled Fresh Pears, Broiled Whitefish, Toast, 

A- 5. Fresh Tomato Juice, Wheat Krispies with Sliced 
Peaches, Coffee Ring, Beverage. 

A-6. Stewed Green Gage Plums, Eggs Baked with 
Tiny Pork Sausage, Toast, Beverage. 

A-7. Iced Cantaloupe, Shredded Whole Wheat Bis- 
cuit, Toasted Sweet Roll, Beverage. 

A-8. Chilled Fresh Pineapple Slices, Scrambled Eggs 
with Minced Ham, Blueberry Muffins, Beverage. 

A-9. Grape Clusters, Crisp Bacon, French Toast, 
Sirup, Beverage. 

A- 10. Baked Early Apples, Bran Flakes, Soft Cooked 
Eggs, Rye Toast, Strawberry Jam, Beverage. 

A-11. Sliced Peaches with Corn Flakes, Broiled Lamb 
Chops, Beaten Biscuits, Elderberry Jam, Beverage. 

A- 12. Mixed Melon Ball Cup, Steamed Eggs with Ca- 
nadian Bacon, Bran Muffins, Beverage. 

A-13. Blueberries with Whole Wheat Flakes, Broiled 
Calves Liver, Toast, Beverage. 

A- 14. Chilled Grapefruit Juice, Scrambled Eggs with 
JfUy. Whole Wheat Toast, Beverage. 

A-15. Fresh Fruit Plate, Rice Krispies, Creamed Chip- 
ped Beef on Toast, Buttered Toast, Beverage. 

A- 16. Fresh Spiced Apple Sauce, Pep Bran Flakes, 
Blueberry Waffies with Honey Butter, Beverage. 

A- 17. Sliced Bananas with Shredded Whole Wheat 
Biscuit, Sausages in Blankets, Toast, Beverage. 

A-18. Chilled Orange Juice, Whole Wheat Krumbles, 
Poached Egg on Toast Rings, Beverage. 

A- 19. Peach and Blackb^ry Cup, Wheat Krispies, 
Small Steaks, Toast, Beverage. 


A-20. Pineapple Juice, Corn Flakes, Eggs Baked in 
Bacon Rings, Whole Wheat Toast, Grape Jelly, Bev- 

A-21. Honeydew Melon Wedges, Bran Flakes, Cinna- 
mon Rolls, Beverage. 

A-22, Fresh Plums, Hominy Grits, Frizzled Ham, Bran 
Mufjins, Beverage. 

A-23. Chilled Tomato Juice, Rice Krispies with Blue- 
berries, English Muffins, Marmalade, Beverage. 

A-24. Stewed Spiced Pears, Wheat Krispies, Bacon 
Omelet, Toast, Beverage. 

A-25. Sliced Peaches with Shredded Whole Wheat 
Biscuit, Toasted Sweet Roll, Beverage. 

A-26. Chilled Grapefruit Juice, Whole Wheat Krum- 
bles, Liver and Bacon, Rye Bread Toast, Beverage. 

A-27. Minted Cantaloupe Balls, Hamburg Patties, Bran 
Griddle Cakes, Sirup, Beverage. 

A-28. Orange and Pineapple Cup, Pep Bran Flakes, 
Soft Cooked Eggs, Raisin Toast, Beverage. 

A-29. Stewed Blackberries, Broiled Bacon Strips, 
Doughnuts, Beverage. 

A- 30. Sliced Bananas with Rice Krispies, Broiled Ham 
Slices, Steamed Eggs, Breakfast Roll, Beverage. 

A-31. Frosted Grapes, Corn Flakes, Coffee Cake, 
Strawberry' Jam, Beverage. 



S-l. Baked Bartlett Pears, Broiled Lamb Chops, Ameri- 
can Fried Potatoes, Rolls, Beverage. 

S-2. Grape Juice, Corn Flakes, Fried Canandian Ba- 
con, Whole Wheat Buttered Toast, Beverage. 

S-3. Fresh Sliced Peaches, Bran Cornbread with Ba- 
con, Marmalade, Beverage. 


S-4. Green Apple Sauce, Fried Mush, Sirup, Beverage. 

S-5. Honeydew Melon, Oatmeal, Sweet Rolls, Bev- 

S-6. Sliced Bananas, Casserole of Sausage and Eggs 
on Cornmeal Mush, Beverage. 

S-7. Cantaloupe, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Blueberry 
Muffins, Beverage. 

S-8. Grapefruit Halves, Wheat Krispies, Canadian Ba- 
con, Graham Popovers, Beverage. 

S-9. Poached Rhubarb, Breakfast Steak, Danish Rolls, 
^Bev erage. 

S-10. Sliced Peaches, Ham Waffles, Sirup, Beverage. 

S-11. Blueberries, Corn Flakes, Broiled Tomatoes, Hot 
Buttermilk Biscuits, Beverage. 

S-12. Sliced Oranges, Pep Bran Flakes, Crisp Bacon, 
Sweet Rolls, Beverage. 

S-13. Stewed Apricots, Poached Shredded Whole 
Wheat Biscuit, Grilled Ham, Toast, Beverage. 

S-14. Cantaloupe, Small Grilled Sausages, Waffles, Si- 
rup, Beverage. 

S-15. Fresh Pineapple, Scrambled Eggs, Bran Gems, 

S-16. Sliced Peaches, Corn Flakes, French Toast, Sirup, 

S-17. Baked Apples, Frizzled Dried Beef, Hot Corn 
Bread, Beverage. 

S-18. Orange Juice, Farina, Soft-Cooked Eggs, Toasted 
Rolls, Beverage. 

S-19. Honeydew Melon, Codfish Cakes, Spoon Bread, 
Sirup, Beverage. 

S-20. Fresh Apple Sauce, Baked Hash, Bran Muffins, 

S-21. Stewed Figs, Rice Krispies, Scrambled Eggs, But- 
tered Toast, Beverage. 

S-22. Orange-Grapefruit Juice, Crisp Bacon, Bread 
Griddle Cakes, Maple Sirup, Beverage. 


S-23. Cantaloupe, Bran Flakes, Shirred Eggs, Quick 
Coffee Cake, Beverage. 

S-24. Blueberries, Shredded Whole Wheat Biscuit, 
Fried Cornmeal Mush with Bacon Garnish, Beverage. 

S-25. Orange Juice, Soft Cooked Eggs, Hot Cream Bis- 
cuits, H oney, Beverage. 

S-26. Sliced Peaches, Pep Bran Flakes, Broiled Lamb 
Kidneys, Toast, Be\'erage. 

S-27. Sauteed Pineapple, Oatmeal, Bacon, Bran Muffins, 
Marmalade, Beverage. 

S-28. Honeydew Melon, Frizzled Ham, Toasted Eng- 
lish Muffins, Beverage. 

S-29. Stewed Rhubarb, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Broil- 
ed Panfish, Assorted Rolls, Beverage. 

S-30. Canned Grapefruit Sections, Broiled Ham, Bran 
Waffles, Beverage. 


O-l. Bananas, Shredded Whole Wheat Biscuit, Had- 
dock in Cream, Bran Muffins, Beverage. 

0-2. Sliced Oranges, Whole Wheat Flakes, Fried 
Bran-Cornmeal Mush, Sirup, Beverage. 

0-3. Baked Apples, Corn Flakes, Canadian Bacon, 
Waffles, Sirup, Beverage. 

0-4. Chilled Pears, Rice Krispies, Baked Sausage, 
Coffee Cake, Beverage. 

0-5. Tomato Juice, Pep Bran Flakes, Fried Eggs, 
Toast, Jam, Beverage. 

0-6. Stew^ed Prunes, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Scram- 
bled Eggs, Toasted Rolls, Beverage. 

O-"^. Grapefruit Juice, Wheat Krispies, Frizzled Ham 
in Cream, Rye Toast, Beverage. 

0-8. Stewed Apricots, Whole Wheat Flakes, Puffy 
Omelet with Green Pepper, Melba Toast, Beverage. 

0-9. Orange Juice, Bran Flakes, French Toast and 
Apple Sauce, Beverage. 


O-IO. Honeydew Melon, Crisp Bacon, Bran Griddle 
Cakes, Doughnuts, Beverage. 

O-ll. Orange Halves, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Fried 
Salt Pork and Milk Grav}% Toast, Beverage. 

0-12. Prunes and Apricots, Corn Flakes, Soft Boiled 
Eggs, Toasted Rolls, Beverage. 

0-13. Pineapple Juice, Shredded Whole Wheat Bis- 
cuit, Poached Eggs on Toast, Jam, Beverage. 

0-14. Apple Sauce, Wheat Krispies, Meat Balls, Cof- 
fee Cake, Beverage. 

0-15. Prunes with Lemon, Shredded Whole Wheat 
Biscuit, Omelet, Hot Biscuits, Beverage. 

0-16. Chilled Pears, Rice Krispies, Creamed Dried 
Beef on Toast, Rye Bread Toast, Beverage. 

0-17. Tomato Juice, Whole Wheat Flakes, Baked Sau- 
sage, Bran Waffles, Sirup, Beverage. 

0-18. Bananas and Crushed Pineapple, Corn Flakes, 
Scrambled Eggs, Melba Toast, Jelly, Beverage. 

0-19. Orange Juice, Baked Hash, Hot Bran Muffins, 
Jam, Beverage. 

O-20. Baked Apples, Whole Wheat Flakes, Broiled 
Bacon, Griddle Cakes, Sirup, Beverage. 

'T)-21. Sliced Oranges, Corn Flakes, Ham Omelet, 
Sweet Rolls, Beverage. 

0-22. Grapefruit Juice, Creamed Codfish on Rye Toast, 
Hot Muffins, Beverage. 

0-23. Stewed Apricots, Pep Bran Flakes, Canadian 
Bacon, Hot Biscuits and Honey, Beverage. 

0-24. Half Grapefruit, Wheat Krispies, Crisp Bacon, 
Waffles, Sirup, Beverage. 

0-25. Pineapple Juice, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Fried 
Eggs, Toasted Raisin Bread, Beverage. 

0-26. Honey Baked Apples, Rice Krispies, Creamed 
Eggs, Toasted All-Bran Muffins, Beverage. 

0-27. Orange Halves, Corn Flakes, Grilled Bacon, 
Toast and Jam, Beverage. 


0-28. Stewed Prunes, Wheat Krispies, Baked Eggs, 
Cinnamon Rolls, Beverage. 

0-29. Orange Juice, Pep Bran Flakes, Codfish Balls, 
Catsup, Bran Muffins, Beverage. 

O-30. Pineapple Juice, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Link 
Sausages, French Toast, Beverage. 

0-31. Baked Grapefruit, Shredded Whole Wheat Bis- 
cuit, Ham Omelet, Toasted Sweet Rolls, Beverage. 



N-l. Stewed Prunes, Hot Oatmeal with All-Bran, Ca- 
nadian Bacon and Eggs, Toast, Beverage. 

N-2. Two-tone Juice, Poached Shredded Whole 
Wheat Biscuit, Sausage, Rolls, Beverage. 

^^ Orange and Grapefruit Sections, Corn Flakes, 
Jelly Omelet, Hot Muffins, Beverage. 

N-4. Apple Sauce, Whole Wheat Flakes, Baked Eggs 
and Ham, Toast, Beverage. 

N-5. Figs, Wheat Krispies, Waffies and Sirup, Bacon, 

N-6. Chilled Queen Anne Cherries, Rice Krispies, 
Soft Boiled Eggs, Hot Cornmeal Muffins, Jam, Beverage. 

N-7. Orange Juice, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Scram- 
bled Eggs, Toasted Sweet Rolls, Beverage. 

N-8. Stewed Apricots, Bran Flakes, Broiled Bacon 
and Eggs, Rye Toast, Jam, Beverage. 

N-9. Pineapple Juice, Sausage, Bran Pancakes, Bev- 

N-10. Grapefruit Halves, Pep Bran Flakes, Ham Ome- 
let, Toast, Jam, Beverage. 

N-11. Prunes with Lemon, Shredded Whole Wheat 
Biscuit, Shirred Eggs, Toast, Jam, Beverage. 

N-12. Apple Sauce, Hot Cornmeal Mush and Cream, 
Grilled Ham, Toast, Beverage. 


N-13. Grape Juice, Poached Shredded Whole Wheat 
Biscuit, Crisp Sausage, Rye Toast, Jam, Beverage. 

N-14. Plums, Whole Wheat Flakes, Corn Fritters and 
Sirup, Toast, Beverage. 

N-15. Orange Juice, Rice Krispies, Bacon, Fried Corn- 
meal Mush, Beverage. 

N-16. Stewed Apricots, Hot Cornmeal, Baked Eggs 
and Canadian Bacon, Buttered Toast, Beverage. 

N-17. Grapefruit Sections, Corn Flakes, Bran Pan- 
cakes, Sausage, Beverage. 

N-18. Pineapple Juice, Whole Wheat Krumbles, Soft 
Boiled Eggs, Hot Muffins, Beverage. 

N-19. Stewed Apples, Bran Flakes, Scrambled Eggs 
with Chipped Be^, Coffee Cake, Beverage. 

N-20. Tomato Juice, Pep Bran Flakes, Baked Eggs and 
Ham, Hot Muffins, Beverage. 

N-21. Prunes with Lemon, Oatmeal, Fried Eggs, Sweet 
Rolls, Beverage. 

N-22. Chilled Queen Anne Cherries, Rice Krispies, 
Ham Omelet, Bran Muffins, Beverage. 

N-23- Orange and Grapefruit Sections, Wheat Kris- 
pies, Sausage, Bran Waffles Supreme, Beverage. 

N-24. Stewed Apricots, Corn Flakes and All-Bran, 
. Poa ched Eggs, Rye Toast, Beverage. 

N-25. Apple Sauce, Shredded Whole Wheat Biscuit, 
Bacon and Eggs, Toast, Jam, Beverage. 

N-26. Pineapple Juice, Hot Cornmeal Porridge, Soft 
Boiled Eggs, Toast, Jam, Beverage. 

N-27. Stewed Prunes, Wheat Krispies, Crisp Bacon, 
Coffee Cake, Beverage. 

N-28. Orange Juice, Pep Bran Flakes, Baked Eggs and 
Canadian Bacon, Hot Muffins, Beverage. 

N-29. Figs, Bran Flakes, Poached Eggs, Toast, Jam, 


N-30. Stewed Prunes, Poached Shredded Whole Wheat 
Biscuit, Broiled Sausage, Toasted Sweet Rolls, Beverage. 



D-l. Stewed Apricots with Pineapple, Ham and Eggs, 

Toast, Beverage. 

D-2. Grapefruit, Corn Flakes, Creamed Dried Beef 

on Toast, Hard Rolls, Beverage. 

D-3. Orange Juice, Hot Cereal, Codfish Cakes, Bran 

Muffins, Beverage. 

D-4. Canned Pineapple, Waffles and Sausage, Maple 

Sirup, Beverage. 

D-5. Hot Cereal, Fried Apples with Bacon, Corn 

Muffin s. Beverage. 

D-6. Bananas, Rice Krispies, Bran Griddle Cakes with 

Sugar and Cinnamon, Beverage. 

D-7. Apple Sauce, Bacon and Eggs, Toast, Peach 

Jam, Beverage. 

D-8. Stewed Prunes, Shredded Whole Wheat Biscuit, 

Panned Fish, Muffins, Beverage. 

D-9- Sliced Oranges, Liver and Bacon, Assorted Rolls, 


D-10. Clam Juice, Whole Wheat Krumbles, French 

Toast, Apple Butter, Beverage. 

D-11. Stewed Prunes and Apricots, Bran Flakes, 

Creamed Chicken, Toast, Beverage. 

D-l 2. Grapefruit, Bacon and Eggs, Toast, Doughnuts, 


D-l 3. Preserved Figs, All-Bran, Boiled Eggs, Rolls, 


D-14. Hot Cereal with Dates, Cheese or Jelly Omelet, 

Hot Biscuits, Beverage. 

D-l 5. Orange Juice, Fried Brains, Catsup, Toast, Bev- 

D-16. Canned Apricots, Wheat Krispies, Small Steak, 
Fried Potatoes, Toast, Beverage. 


D-17. Baked Apple, Mackerel Cooked in Milk, Boiled 
Potato, Hard Rolls, Beverage. 

D-18. Halved Orange, Hot Cereal, Broiled Ham, Corn 
Pone, Sirup, Beverage. 

D-19. Grapefruit, Corn Flakes, Fried Eggs, Bran Muf- 
fins, Apple Butter, Beverage. 

D-20. Grape Juice, Lamb Chop, Fried Potatoes, Toast, 

D-21. Tomato Juice, Corned Beef Hash with Poached 
Egg, Hard Rolls, Beverage. 

D-22. Canned Peaches, All-Bran, Boiled Eggs, Toast, 
Jelly, Beverage. 

D-23. Baked Banana, Bacon, French Toast, Sirup, Bev- 

D-24. Orange Juice, Oatmeal with Bran, Codfish Balls, 
- Toa st. Beverage. 

D-25. Pink Grapefruit, Corn Flakes, Toasted English 
Muffins, Christmas Jam, Beverage. 

D-26. Stewed Apricots, Pep Bran Flakes, Scrambled 
Eggs, Norwegian CoflFee Bread, Beverage. 

D-27. Orange Slices, Hot Cereal, Bacon, Toast, Bev- 

D-28. Stewed Prunes with Orange Slices, Boiled Fine 
Hominy, Cinnamon Buns, Beverage. 

D-29. Orange Juice, Fried Scrapple, Catsup, Breakfast 
Rolls, Beverage. 

D-30. Sliced Bananas in Orange Juice, Creamed Eggs 
on Toast, Hot Biscuit, Honey, Beverage. 

D-31. Grapefruit, Corn Flakes, French Omelet, Cinna- 
mon Muffins, Beverage. 


<=>Lunckeon ff/i 




J-l. Consomme.. Chicken, Duck or Turkey. 
Shoestring potatoes. Spinach ring with creamed 
mushrooms. Fruit salad. Chocolate par fait. 

J-2. Tomato bouillon. Chicken and rice ring 
with Newburg sauce. Cranberry ring with Wal- 
dorf salad. Steamed pudding — ^hard sauce. 

J-3. Turkey noodle soup. Sweetbread a la king 
on pattie shell. Petite poppy seed rolls. Fresh vege- 
table salad. Apricot lemon snow. 

J-4. Oyster cocktail. Broiled ham. Creamed po- 
tatoes. Asparagus. Orange, French dressing salad. 
Mince pie. 

J-5. Pickles and olives. Sliced cold roast veal. 
Baked potatoes. Creamed peas. Pineapple, grape- 
fruit salad. Cocoanut snowballs. 

J-6. Grapefruit with mint jello sections. Roast 
duck. Mashed potatoes. Buttered squash. Lettuce, 
French dressing. Vanilla ice cream — pineapple cup 

J-7. Mexican bean soup. Roast pork. Candied 
sweet potatoes. String beans. Cabbage raisin salad. 
Apple pie. 

J-8. Orange and cranberry juice. Creamed chip- 
ped beef and mushrooms. Lettuce, India relish 
dressing. Chocolate whipped cream tart. 


J-9. Clam chowder. Turkey in potato shells. 
Creamed peas. Tomato and cabbage slaw. Cocoa- 
nut custard pie. 

J-10. Chicken bisque with croutons. Poached Qgg 
in spaghetti nests. String beans. Pear, cream cheese 
and toasted almond. Pineapple pie. 

J-11. German beef soup with potato and vege- 
tables. Rye rolls. Lettuce, Thousand Island dress- 
ing. Apple tapioca with whipped cream. 

J-12. Celery bisque. Roast goose — fried apple 
rings. Scalloped sweets with nut topping. Buttered 
beets. Cabbage salad. Orange ice — prune cookie 

J- 13. Tomato juice cocktail. Roast turkey — giblet 
dressing. Mashed potatoes. Buttered onions. Wal- 
dorf salad. Frozen ice cream cake. 

J- 14. Cream of tomato soup. Hot pork sand- 
wich. Mashed potatoes. Carrots, turnips and peas. 
Rosy apple salad. Cherry pie. 

J-15. Crabmeat cocktail. Roast beef. Browned 
potatoes. Creamed spinach. Grapefruit and chop- 
ped olive, French dressing. Steamed chocolate 

J- 16. Navy bean soup. Baked ham butt. Boiled 

potatoes. Sauerkraut. Celery and mustard pickles. 
Peach pie. 

J-17. Cream of corn soup. Breaded pork chops 
— spiced peaches. Mashed sweet potatoes. Cream- 
ed asparagus. Fruit in strawberry gelatin. Deep 
apple pie. 


J- 18. Chilled raspberry and orange juice. Chick- 
en fricassee. Buttered rice with pimento. Stuffed 
tomato salad. Bavarian cream — carmel sauce. 

J-19. Split pea soup. Beef loaf. Scalloped pota- 
toes. Glazed carrots. Cabbage, ketchup dressing, 
fruit gelatin. 

J-20. Asparagus bisque. Breaded veal cutlet. 
Creamed potatoes with green pepper. Spinach. 
Apricot salad. Cranberry cobbler. 

J-21. Grapefruit sections in grape juice. Broiled 
salmon. Potato puff. Creamed peas. Perfection 
salad. Lemon pie. 

J-22. Vegetable soup. Baked ham. American 
fried potatoes. Lima beans. Tomato salad. Choco- 
late eclair — fudge sauce. 

J-23. Half grapefruit. Swiss steak with dump- 
lings. Mashed potatoes. Brussels sprouts. Cabbage 
pineapple salad. Apricot pie. 

J-24. Chicken broth. Pan broiled liver. Italian 
spaghetti. Jellied cooked vegetable salad. Prune 

J-25. Orange and grapefruit cocktail. Baked hali- 
but. Hash browned potatoes. Buttered wax beans 
with parsley. Sliced sour beets. Snow pudding — 
custard sauce. 

J- 2 6. Fish chowder. Baked beans. Brown bread. 
Cabbage slaw. Plum sauce — nut cookies. 

J-27. Bread and butter pickles. Creamed tuna 
fish. Potato cakes. String beans, raw carrot and 
grated onion salad. Cherry Betty. 


J-28. Assorted hors d'oeuvre. Roast Iamb — mint 
sauce. Pan roast potatoes. Cauliflower. Tangerine 
and grape salad. Maple nut sundae. 

J-29. Prune and orange juice. Veal stew with 
onion, carrot and peas. Breaded noodles. Lettuce 
pear and pimento salad. Hot ginger bread and 

J-30. Chicken rice soup. Cube steak. Duchess 
potatoes. Fried onions. Head lettuce — Russian 
dressing. Chop suey sundae. 


F-l. Tomato juice. Fried ham shced with 
scrambled tgg. Baked potato. Spinach. Cranberry, 
celery, pineapple gelatin salad. Poppy seed cake 
with whipped cream. 

F-2. Dili pickles. Beef pot pie. Broiled tomato. 
Cole slaw. Fruit salad sundae. 

F-3. French onion soup. Scalloped shellfish. 
Julienne potatoes. Buttered beets. Citrus fruit sal- 
ad. French pastry. 

F-4. Tomato and sardine canape. Roast chicken. 
Mashed potatoes. Cut baby wax beans. Orange, 
red and white cherry salad. Indian pudding a la 

F-5. Consomme with rice. Boiled ham with 
creamed sweetbread. Corn bread. Buttered aspara- 
gus and French fried cauliflower. Apricot salad. 
Ice box cake. 


F-6. Cream of mushroom soup. Fried filet of 
sole. Duchess potatoes. Cabbage, pineapple, grape 
and nut salad. Mint ice cream with chocolate sauce 
and cocoanut. 

F-7. Chicken broth. Macaroni and mushroom au 
gratin loaf — Newburg sauce. String beans. Pine- 
apple, pimento salad. Lemon pie. 

F-8. Crabapple pickles. Beef pot roast. Breaded 
noodles. Mixed vegetable salad. Prune whip. 

F-9. Shrimp in frozen tomato juice. Roast pork, 
apricots and apple jelly. Baked sweet potatoes. 
Cauliflower. Blackberry snow pudding, custard 

F-10. Spiced cherries. Roast breast of lamb. 
Browned potatoes. Creamed celery and peas. Let- 
tuce, French dressing. Mint gelatin with sliced 
pe aches and white cherries. 

F-11. Pea Soup. Fried halibut. Creamed pota- 
toes. Sweet gherkins, celery in tomato aspic salad. 
Gold cake with orange filling and cocoanut icing. 

F-12. Consomme. Corned beef hash croquettes 
with creamed celery. Buttered beets. French fried 
onions, buttered peas. Pickled peach salad. Butter- 
scotch pie. 

F-13. Watermelon pickles. Rabbit casserole. 
Mashed potatoes. Belgian carrots. Prune and pine- 
apple salad. Cherry pie. 

F-14. Celery bisque, croutons. Chicken legs with 
bacon. Sweet potato croquettes. Creamed string 
beans. Grapefruit, maraschino cherry, endive sal- 
ad. Surprise cake. 


F-15. Grapefruit cocktail. Ham timbales, raisin 
sauce. Potato chips. Fried parsnips. Pickled pear 
salad. Strawberry cottage pudding. 

F-16. Cream of potato soup. Pork chops. Es- 
calloped corn and pimiento. String beans. Lettuce 
and watercress, French dressing. Cranberry whip, 
lady fingers. 

F-17. Crabmeat cocktail. Grilled veal kidneys 
and bacon. Baked potatoes. Buttered spinach. To- 
mato salad. Angel food with chocolate ice cream 
and orange marmalade. 

F-18. Vegetable soup. Roast veal, prune dress- 
ing. Browned potatoes. Creamed celery. Beet and 
riced egg yolk salad. Pineapple sherbet. 
F-19. Chicken alphabet soup. Omelet — Creole 
sauce. Julienne potatoes. Asparagus. Lettuce, 
Thousand Island dressing. Peach and raspberry 

F.20. Clam chowder. Baked beans. Browned 
bread. Combination salad. Pineapple nut upside 
down cake. 

F-21. Asparagus bisque. Chicken fricassee. Riced 
potatoes. Baked squash. Waldorf salad. Raisin pie. 

F-22. Tomato soup. Baked spareribs with 
prunes. Boiled potatoes. Sauerkraut. Baked apple, 
whipped cream. 

F-23. Sweet gherkins. Creamed mushroom chip- 
ped beef. Corn waffle. Mixed green salad. Fruit 
cup, sponge cup. 
*T-24. Shrimp cocktail. Broiled cube steak. Baked 
stuffed potato with pimento. Escalloped cabbage 
au gratin. Red cherry and raisin conserve salad. 
Peach tart. 


F-25. Cream of corn soup. Cold roast beef, cold 
roast pork. Italian spaghetti. Buttered cauliflower. 
Jelled fruit, on pineapple ring salad. Steamed car- 
rot pudding — hard sauce. 

¥-26. Bean Soup. Hungarian goulash. Mixed 
green salad. Cherry betty, whipped cream. 

F-27. Cranberry juice. Baked salmon loaf with 
creamed peas. Parslied potato balls. Perfection sal- 
ad. Lemon sherbet. 

F-28. Orange cocoanut cup. Lamb chops. Cream- 
ed potatoes. Parslied carrots and peas. Mint gela- 
tin, fruit salad. Camembert cheese, crackers, cur- 
rant jelly. 

F-29. Fruit cup. Hot liver sandwich. French 
fried potatoes. Fried onions. Sliced sour beets. 
Apple pie. 

F-30. Mixed relishes. Breaded veal. Escalloped 
potato with parsley. Buttered beets. Apricot cream 
cheese, toasted almond, currant jelly salad. Creole 
fud^e loaf. 


M-l. Tomato juice. Pork chops. Creamed po- 
tatoes. Escalloped corn. Pineapple salad. Lemon 

M-2. Mushroom canapes. Roast beef. Mashed 
potatoes. Stuffed onions. Mixed greens. Thousand 
Island dressing. Grapefruit tarts. 


M-3. Chicken noodle soup. Baked ham. Escal- 
loped potatoes. Buttered spinach and green hma 
beans. Jellied fruit salad. Cocoanut pie. 

M-4. Chicken broth. Fricassee chicken and bis- 
cuit. Mashed potatoes. String beans. Peach salad, 
French dressing. Strawberry parfait. 

M-5. Mixed pickles. Welsh rarebit. Sliced to- 
mato. Cole slaw. Black walnut cake. 

M-6. Corn bisque. Pork sausage. Rice and mush- 
room timbale, onion sauce. Baked tomato. Chi- 
cory, French dressing. Fresh strawberry tart. 

M-7. Dill pickles. Corned beef hash timbale. 
Buttered string beans. Buttered beets. Cabbage 
and pepper slaw. Pineapple fritter with sauce. 

M-8. Vegetable soup. Tenderloin steak, mush- 
room sauce. French fried potatoes. Lettuce, French 
dressing. Spiced cherry relish. Vanilla ice cream, 
orange macaroon. 

M-9. Lentil soup. Breaded veal steak. Creamed 
potatoes au gratin. String beans and onion, French 
dressing. Fruit gelatin, custard sauce. 

M-10. Grapefruit in grape juice. Fried chicken 
leg. Baked sweet potato. Broccoli, Apricot, water- 
cress and lettuce salad. Devil's food with marsh- 
mallow and black walnut icing. 

M-11. Spht pea soup. Broiled sardines. Hot 
German potato salad. Sliced tomatoes. Fruit cup, 
assorted cookies. 

M-12. Whole strawberries and powdered sugar. 
Lobster and mushroom au gratin. Buttered aspar- 
agus. Grapefruit and peach salad. Fresh cocoanut 


M-13. Chicken okra soup. Pork roast. Browned 
potatoes. Hot spiced beets. Cabbage, banana and 
pineapple salad. Applesauce, gingerbread and 

M-14. Salmon and tomato bisque. Cottage 
cheese. Potato chips. Sliced tomato and cucumber. 
Fruit salad. Angel food a la mode, butterscotch 

M-15. Orange sections in pineapple juice. 
Shrimp salad in tomato cup. Butterscotch rolls. 
Broccoli. Olives and radishes. Cocoanut tart. 

M-16. Mixed pickles. Veal loaf. Browned pota- 
toes. Creamed celery. Apricot salad. Bread pud- 
ding with whipped cream and orange marmalade. 

M-17. Radishes and green onions. Poached eggs 
and creamed mushrooms on toast. Buttered spin- 
ach, carrots, peas. Tomato and watercress salad. 
Rhubarb pie. 

M-18. Tomato and green pepper cocktail. Baked 
cheese omelet. French fried potatoes. Asparagus. 
Fresh vegetable salad. Fresh pineapple sundae. 

M-19. Crabmeat and grapefruit cocktail. Lamb 
patties and bacon. Stuffed baked potato. Creamed 
string beans and peas. Banana and, currant jelly 
salad. Strawberry short cake. 

M-20. Bouillon with liver dumplings. Stuffed 
cube veal steak. Buttered noodles. Buttered on- 
ions. Jellied tomato salad. Raspberry pie. 

M-21. Green pea soup with croutons. Roast 
chicken. Mashed potatoes. Buttered beets. Cabbage 
and pineapple salad. Chocolate date torte. 


M-22. Tomato juice cocktail with potato chips 
and cheese canape. Cold sliced chicken, ham and 
tongue. Potato au gratin O'Brien. Jellied vege- 
table salad. Covington cream. Petite Fours. 

M-23. Consomme. Roast lamb. Parslied potatoes. 
Peas. Mint and banana gelatin on pineapple ring 
salad. Apricot ice cream. 

M-24. Mushroom bisque. Chicken hash. Cream- 
ed peas. Stuffed tomato salad. Butterscotch nut pie. 

M-25. Tomato bouillon. Pork chops a la Robert. 
Creamed potatoes. Buttered carrots. Pineapple and 
pimento salad. Prune pie with whipped cream. 

M-26. Bean chowder. Fruit salad. Clover leaf 
rolls. Stuffed celery. Individual chocolate tart. 

M-27. Chicken egg drop. Ham croquette, cream- 
ed asparagus sauce. String beans. Tomato stuffed 
with pineapple, celery and almond. Strawberry 
sherbet, butter cookie. 

M-28. Dill pickles. Braised beef. Savory spag- 
hetti. Mixed green salad. Apple pie. 

M-29. Half grapefruit. Boiled salmon, hard 
cooked egg sauce. Baked potatoes. Spinach. Spiced 
peach salad. Steamed chocolate pudding, foamy 

M-30. Cream of potato soup. Broiled Canadian 
bacon. Escalloped corn. Cauliflower. Pear, pine- 
apple and strawberry salad. Apple dumpling, van- 
illa sauce. 



A-l. Fresh pineapple cocktail. Roast beef, 
mushroom gravy. Baked stuffed potato. Fresh but- 
tered string beans. French endive, asparagus and 
^tomato. Chocolate pudding, foamy sauce. 

A-2. Bouillon tgg drop. Stuffed flank steak. 
Creamed new potatoes and peas. Baked tomatoes. 
Watercress, lettuce, radishes with French dressing. 
Strawberry tart. 

A- 3. Pineapple, orange, cherry cocktail. Baked 
pork chops. Mashed potatoes. Escalloped toma- 
toes and onions. Lima beans, radish, celery and 
onion. Peach, cocoanut, nut upside down cake with 
whipped cream. 

A-4. Celery bisque. Stuffed ham rolls. Potato 
chips. Jellied fruit. Pineapple sundae. 

A-5. Tomato juice cocktail. Hot chicken sand- 
wich. Mashed potatoes. Asparagus. Lettuce, India 
relish dressing. Mint gelatin with orange, grape- 
fruit, cocoanut sauce. 

A-6. Oxtail soup. Liver croquettes. Creamed po- 
tatoes. Buttered beets. Cabbage and pineapple. 
Cherry gelatin mousse. 

A-7. Almor^d soup. Fruit salad with cream 
cheese dressing. London buns. Radishes, ripe 
ohves, stuflfed celery. Strawberry parfait. 

A-8. Celery bisque with croutons. Roast Lamb. 
Parsley buttered potato balls. New beets and 
greens. Pineapple in mint jelly. New York ice 
cream, cocoanut petite fours. 


A-9. Mushroom bisque. Ham loaf, horse radish 
sauce. Potato puff. Buttered corn. Head lettuce, 
jT housand Island dressing. Cherry pie. 

A-10. Radishes, green onions, currant jelly. 
Roast chicken, dressing. Mashed potatoes. Broc- 
coli. Pear and pimiento. Angel food a la mode 
with strawberry sauce. 

A-11. String beans and rice in lamb broth. 
Creamed egg au gratin on toast. Potato chips. 
New peas, buttered onions, broiled tomato. Water- 
cress, apricot and pineapple. Rhubarb pie. 

A-12. Avocado with lime ice cocktail. Swiss 
steak. Baked potato. Fresh spinach. Fruit. Choco- 
late tart, whipped cream. 

A- 13. Tomato slice with sardine, deviled egg 
and potato salad in lettuce cup. Deviled crabs. 
Cloverleaf rolls. Buttered new string beans. Or- 
ange, green pepper. Pineapple rice with Italian 

A- 14. Chicken okra soup. Veal loaf. Bouillon 
potatoes with carrots. Peas. Tomato, radish, green 
■^ pepper, chicory. Cocoanut pie. 
A-15. Cream of cauliflower. Liver and bacon. 
Sweet potato puff. Wax beans with parsley. Fresh 
pineapple. Peanut butterscotch tapioca with whip- 
ped cream. 

A-16. Chilled pineapple juice. Casserole of beef 
and spaghetti. Stewed tomatoes. Pimiento, onion, 
green pepper, shredded lettuce, French dressing. 
Cl^erry cake, whipped cream. 
A-17. French onion soup. Deviled eggs, sar- 
dines, sliced tongue, sliced chicken. Escalloped 
corn. Jellied vegetables in tomato cups. Orange 
Blitz Torte. 


A- 18. Strawberry pineapple cocktail. Veal and 
mushroom saute in pie crust tarts. Potato pattie. 
Mixed greens, French dressing. Raspberry custard 
pie, whipped cream. 

A- 19. Consomme with poached egg and vege- 
tables. Corned beef hash. Creamed peas. Cabbage 
^^ d tomato. Strawberry sherbet. 

A-20. Mixed pickles. Shepherd pie with mashed 
potato crust. Peach, red cherry and almond. Raisin 

A-21. India relish, olives and radishes. Kidney 
toast. Escalloped potatoes. Buttered beets. String 
beans and pimiento, onion. Strawberry and banana 
short cake. 

A-22. Lobster canape. Lamb chops Roquefort. 
Hash browned potatoes. Fried pineapple, Stuffed 
tomato. Apricot sundae. 

A-23. Mushroom bouillon. Escalloped sweet- 
breads in tomato cups. Potato chips. Baby lima 
beans. Grapefruit, pineapple and strawberry. 
Chocolate brownie a la mode, fudge sauce. 

A-24. Chilled rhubarb cocktail. Hamburg pattie 
on waffle toast, onion gravy. Tomato. Chocolate 
cake a la mode. 

A-25. Crabmeat cocktail. Bacon. Corn cakes. 
Fruit. Orange ice, currant cup cake. 

A- 26. Split pea soup. Fried ham and eggs. Ameri- 
can fried potatoes. Buttered string beans and 
carrots. Cherry nut. Vanilla ice cream. 

A- 2 7. Celery and tomato puree. Lamb cakes with 
bacon. Baked stuffed potatoes au gratin. Beet 
greens. Banana nut. Cherry pie. 


A-28. Shrimp cocktail. Chicken fricassee. But- 
tered rice. Spinach timbales. Sliced pear, orange 
and raisin. Cream puff. 

A- 29. Chicken soup with liver dumphngs. Boil- 
ed salmon, egg sauce. Rice croquettes. Peas. Cu- 
cumber. Cottage pudding, strawberry hard sauce. 

A-30. Assorted hors d'oeuvre. Boiled tongue, 
raisin sauce. Baked sweet potatoes. Fresh spinach. 
Apricot nut. Pineapple pie. 


M-1. Pineapple juice. Pork sausage. Creamed 
potatoes. Buttered asparagus. Jellied fruit. Choco- 
late pudding. 

M-2. Spiced melon cocktail. Southern chicken 
pie. Mashed potato. Peas. Mixed green, French 
dres sing. Strawberry ice. 

M-3. Consomme. Halibut Hollandaise. Julienne 
potatoes. Tomato, watercress. Frozen caramel 

M-4. Tomato crouton soup. Noodle Barbecue. 
Shredded lettuce, cabbage and watercress. Peach 

M-3. French onion soup. Veal cutlet Russian 
style. Franconia potatoes. Sour beets. Carrot and 
pineapple in lemon gelatin. Steamed graham pud- 
ding, foamy sauce. 

M-6. Mixed pickles. Corned beef. Boiled pota- 
toes. New cabbage. Carrot and raisin. Apple nut 


M-7. Shrimp cocktail. Tenderloin steak. Baked 
stuffed potato. Broiled tomatoes, new string beans, 
carrots. Black cherry and fresh pineapple. Graham 
cracker pie. 

M-8. Mustard pickles. Baked ham. Parslied po- 
tato balls. Creamed leeks. Apple, orange and pe- 
can in lemon gelatin. Cherry pie. 

M-9. Sea food cocktail. Broiled chicken. Escal- 
loped potatoes. String beans. Tomato. Strawberry 

M-10. Chicken liver dumpling. Bacon. French 
toast, currant jelly. Spiced citrus. Crackers, cheese 
and jam. 

M-11. Lima bean puree. Boiled tongue, ginger- 
snap sauce. Hash browned potatoes. Spinach. 
Combination. Apricot fluff. 

M-12. Grapefruit orange cocktail. Egg and 
mushroom croquettes. Italian spaghetti. Mixed ve- 
getable. Cream puffs with strawberry filling. 

M-13. Spiced peach pickle. Veal stew. Riced po- 
tatoes. String bean. Raspberry pie. 

M-14. Black cherry and orange cocktail. Pork 
Thousand Island Dressing. Gold cake with lemon 
patties. Potato chips. Stuffed carrots. Head lettuce, 
filling and cocoanut frosting. 

M-15. Chicken rice soup. Stuffed onions with 
meat. Buttered noodles. Broiled tomato, buttered 
string beans. Peach pickle. Cherry tart. 

M=l6. Tomato juice. Broiled salmon, cucumber 
with whipped cream sauce. Baked potato. New 
peas. Perfection. Chocolate fudge cake. 


M-17. Mixed pickles and grape jelly. Broiled 
liver. Escalloped potatoes. Vegetable melange. 
Pineapple. Strawberry pie. 

M-18. Crab apple pickle. Roast veal. Browned 
potato balls. Asparagus. Lettuce and tomato. Fresh 
strawberries and sponge cake. 

M-19. Southern gumbo soup. Cube steak with 
horseradish cream sauce. Mashed potatoes. But- 
tered parsnips. Lettuce, radish, onion and pimien- 
to. Melba sundae. 

M-20. Mushroom bouillon. Crabmeat casserole. 
Baked tomato. Spiced pear. Vanilla parfait, lady 

M-21. Lentil soup with macaroni. Pork chops. 
Green beans. Baby beets. Green pepper, celery, 
olive. Fruit gelatin. 

M-22. Vegetable soup. Round steak patties. 
Creamed new potatoes and peas. Cabbage and 
green pepper. Cherry and raisin pie. 

M-23. Tomato bouillon. Fried ham. Baked 
beans. Plum and pineapple. Blitz torte. 

M-24. Black bean soup. Sauerbraten. Mashed 
potatoes. Stewed apricots. Lettuce, French dress- 
ing. Cottage cheese pie. 

M-25. Consomme. Fruit and vegetable salad. 
Mayonnaise puffs. Radishes and olives. Chocolate 

M-26. Corn bisque. Corned beef hash pattie. 
Baked tomato. Buttered green lima beans. Cucum- 
ber, string beans, raw carrot and onion. Orange ice, 
peanut cookie. 


M-27. Cream of pea soup. Cauliflower omelet 
with bacon. Melba toast. Orange and grapefruit. 
Preserved ginger sundae. 

M-28. Apricot pineapple cocktail. Polish cutlets. 
Bouillon potatoes with carrots. Peas. Lettuce, 
French dressing. Chocolate cup cake with butter- 
scotch and whipped cream. 

M-29. Fresh strawberry cocktail. Cheese souffle 
with creamed mushroom. Potato chips. Fresh spin- 
ach. Stuffed red and white cherry. Cantaloupe sal- 
ad. Quickrye biscuits. Buttered string beans and 
peas. Bread and butter pickles. Pineapple sundae. 



J-l. Lentil soup. Paprika cream schnitzel. Pars- 
ley buttered potatoes. Stewed apricots. Lettuce. 
Cheese cake. 

J- 2. Shrimp and frozen tomato juice cocktail. 
Broiled chicken. Mashed potatoes. New peas. 
Crushed pineapple and pimiento in lime gelatin. 
Cantaloupe a la mode. 

J- 3. Fruit cocktail with orange \Qt. Baked Ham. 
Creamed potatoes. Fresh asparagus. Head lettuce, 
Thousand Island dressing. Summer fruit cake. 

J-4. Canned grapefruit cocktail. Spring lamb — 
sauce aux fines herbes. Baked potatoes. String 
beans. Pineapple, orange and raspberry. Prune 

J- 5. Pea soup. Hungarian goulash. Buttered 
noodles. Mixed green. Strawberry pie. 


J-6. Tomato juice. Lamb stew. Farina balls. Cab- 
bage slaw. Rhubarb pie. 

J-7. Pea bisque. Calves' liver. Spaghetti with to- 
mato sauce. Fresh spinach. Spiced peach. Cherry 

J-8. Vegetable soup. Deviled eggs. Corn beef 
hash. Sliced tomatoes. Cabbage. Iced watermelon. 

J-9. Cream of mushroom soup. Filet sole. But- 
tered potato balls. New peas. Combination. Peach 
schaum torte. 

J-10. Bean soup. Weiners. Boiled potatoes. 
Sauerkruat. Dill pickles. Apple cake. 

J-11. Corn bisque. Fried Halibut. Escalloped po- 
tatoes. Beets and greens. Cherry sundae. 

J- 12. Shrimp cocktail. Cube steak with mush- 
room sauce on toast. Julienne potatoes. Broiled 
tomato with onion juice. Cabbage, raw carrot and 
green pepper. Orange pineapple sponge. 

J- 13. Sardine and egg canape. Broiled sweet- 
breads with minced ham and mushroom sauce. 
Potato chips. Fresh spinach. Fresh fruit in rasp- 
berry gelatin. Strawberry cream roll. 

J-14. Tomato cocktail. Cold roast pork. Hot Ger- 
man potato salad. Buttered beets. Radishes, pickles 
and celery. Apple pie. 

J-15. Mushroom and celery bisque. Vegetable 
salad with cheese whip. Bacon muffins. Spiced 
peach. Blueberry cake, whipped cream. 

J-l6. Clam chowder. Boiled shrimp. Potato 
chips, creamed celery. Lettuce with India relish 
dressing. Cocoanut pie. 


J- 17. Alphabet soup. Hamburger ring with 
prunes. Mashed potatoes. Sauerkraut. Fresh rasp- 
berry tart. 

j-18. Chicken broth. Broiled brook trout. Potato 
patty. Asparagus with creamed mushrooms. Or- 
ange ice. Pineapple cream tart. 

J- 19. Strawberry cocktail. Creamed eggs and 
asparagus in toasted bread cases. Tomato and cu- 
cumber. Orange ice and vanilla ice cream. 

J-20. Chicken noodle soup. Chinese chicken. 
Boiled rice. Buttered onions. Preserved Chinese 
fruit. Nesselrode ice cream. 

J-21. Pineapple crabmeat cocktail. Cheese Alas- 
ka. Baked potatoes. Tomato cress. Lemon ice. 

J-22. French onion soup. Individual lamb roasts. 
Buttered noodles. Baked stuffed tomatoes. Radish, 
cucumber and chicory. Cherry cobbler. 

J-23. Bouillon-liver dumpling. Stuffed mush- 
rooms. Fried eggplant. Buttered onions, asparagus 
Hollandaise, broiled tomatoes. Lettuce pimiento. 
Fruit cup, ice box cookie. 

J-24. Tomato bisque. Sold salmon. Creamed po- 
tatoes. Peas. Cucumber. Lemon pie. 

J-25. Mixed pickles. Tamale pie. String beans 
and onion. Fruit gelatin. 

J-26. Tomato okra soup. Veal cutlets. Escalloped 
potatoes. Beet greens. Sour beets. Cherry pudding. 

J-27. Consomme Sweetbread, almond and mush- 
room pattie. Breaded asparagus tips on tomato 
halves. Orange grapefruit and red raspberry. Pra- 
line cake. 


J-28. Crabmeat cocktail. Fried chicken. Mashed 
potatoes. Boiled corn on cob. Pear in lime gelatin. 
New York ice cream, angel food cake. 
J-29. Celery bisque. Asparagus omelet with ba- 
con. French fried potatoes. Tart fruit in lemon 
gelatin. Chocolate rice pudding, whipped cream. 
J-30. Tomato bouillon. Swiss cream steak. Po- 
tato dumpling. Carrots and peas. Fruit. Chocolate 


Jy-1. Fresh fruit cocktail. Lamb chops. New 
potatoes. Green peas. Cabbage, cucumber and pi- 
miento in lime gelatin. Biscuit torte. 
Jy-2. Green pea soup. Cheese, tongue, egg sal- 
ad, summer sausage. Potato chips. Cabbage salad, 
.^^^^niato, cucumber. Raspberry pie. 
Jy-3. Egg drop soup. Fried chicken. Creamed 
potatoes. Green beans. Peach, apricot and pine- 
apple. Cherry ice cream pie. 

Jy-4. Tomato bouillon with sliced stuffed 
olives. Ham. Escalloped potatoes. Oyster plant, 
sauce polonaise. Sliced sour beets. Raspberry Vien- 
nese short cake. 

Jy-5. Consomme with cracker balls. Mackerel, 
Spanish sauce. Buttered parsley potatoes. Creamed 
wax beans. Perfection. Blueberry pie. 
Jy-6. Vegetable soup. Hamburger cakes. Lyon- 
naise potatoes. Boiled corn. Jellied tomato and 
pickle. Green apple pie. 


Jy-7. Pineapple ice in lemonade. Cheese and 
broiled bacon. Open sandwich. German potato 
salad. Buttered string beans. Radishes and olives. 
Fresh cocoanut pie. 

Jy-8. Tomato juice. Veal loaf. Browned pota- 
toes. Creamed new carrots. Mixed greens with 
French dressing. Gooseberry pie. 

Jy-9. Cherry and orange cocktail. Creamed 
chicken on waffles. Mixed vegetable. Pineapple 
sherbet, iced white cup cakes, 

Jy-10. Celery bisque. Broiled sardmes. Potato 
and pea patties with cheese sauce. Sliced tomatoes. 
Cabbage. Date bar a la mode. 

Jy-11. Beef noodle soup. Creamed eggs. Rice 
croquettes. Spinach. Tomato. Fruit salad sundae. 

Jy-12. Assorted pickles. Chicken shepherd pie. 
Buttered peas. Pineapple, black cherry. Custard 

Jy-13. Corn bisque. Salmon timbales. Creamed 
string beans and celery. Broiled tomatoes. Sliced 
cucumber. Currant tapioca with whipped cream. 

Jy-14. Melon cocktail. Lamb brochette. Stuffed 
baked potatoes. Peas and carrots. Lettuce, chives 
and pimiento. Fresh raspberries over lemon ice. 

Jy-15. Alphabet soup. Baked short ribs of beef. 
Mashed potatoes. Green lima beans. Cabbage, 
apple, nut. Peach pie a la mode. 

Jy-l6. Currant raspberry and banana cocktail in 
pineapple juice. Cheese omelet. Cloverleaf rolls. 
String beans. Tomato stuffed with potato, cucum- 
ber. Cherry tart. 


Jy-17. Mushroom bisque. Poached egg, in spag- 
hetti, green pepper and cheese ring. Buttered sour 
beets and greens. Buttered peas. Spiced peach. 
Lemon pie. 

JyTTS. Spiced crabapple pickles. Baked stuffed 
heart. Mashed potatoes. Swiss chard. Fruit gelatin. 
Double chocolate sundae, nut cookie. 

Jy-19. Dill Pickles — radishes. Lamb stew with 
carrots, onions, peas, new turnips. Buttered noo- 
dles. Cabbage, pineapple. Peach parfait. 

Jy-20. Cantaloupe, maraschino cherry, and pre- 
served ginger cocktail. Baked trout. Spaghetti, 
rarebit sauce. Baked tomatoes. String beans, peas, 
celery and onion. Milk sherbet, almond macaroon. 

Jy-21. Grape juice with Royal Anne cherries. 
Rib roast carcassone, raisin sauce. Buttered rice. 
Buttered carrots. Tomato, string beans and onion. 
Peach cake — whipped cream. 

Jy-22. Clam chowder. Liver. Boiled corn. But- 
tered summer squash. Combination. Snow pud- 
ding — peach custard sauce. 

Jy-23. Fruit cocktail. Corn beef hash with 
creamed eggs. Broiled tomatoes, boiled onions, 
Swiss chard. Cabbage and green pepper. Apple 
dumpling — whipped cream. 

Jy-24. Cream of celery soup. Jellied shrimp and 
orange salad in ice cream cone. Baking powder 
biscuits. Asparagus, Tomato slice with chopped 
cucumber garnish. Apple sauce, Ice Box cake. 

Jy-25. Orange cocoanut cocktail. Fried ham. But- 
tered hominy. Wax beans, parsley sauce. Jellied 
pineapple, cucumber. Watermelon. 


Jy-26. Cream of tomato soup. Planked veal pat- 
ties, pineapple juice. Cheese omelet. Cloverleaf 
rolls, garnish. Fresh apricot. Cantaloupe a la 

Jy-27. Beef bouillon with onion rings. Chuck 
roast. Browned potatoes. Creamed kohlrabi. Cin- 
namon apple. Butterscotch sundae. 

Jy-28. Spiced peach. Jellied lamb loaf. Macaroni 
au gratin. Carrots and peas. Head lettuce, Thou- 
sand Island dressing. Pineapple mousse. 

Jy-29. Crabmeat cocktail. Spanish steak. Hash 
browned potatoes. Creamed carrots. Cucumber. 
Melon ball cup with orange ice. 

Jy-30. Apple, cherry and orange cocktail. Boiled 
tongue. Boiled potatoes. Buttered new cabbage. 
Mustard pickles, beet pickles. Apricot kuchen. 


Ag-l. Half cantaloupe. Roast beef. Browned 
onions. Boiled corn. Tomato. Green apple pie. 

Ag.2. Tomato bouillon. Salmon and rice casser- 
ole. Peas. Fresh fruit. Blueberry cake, whipped 

Ag-3. Grape juice. Roast lamb, Potato au gratin. 
Buttered carrots. Lettuce, French dressmg. Peach 
short cake. 

Ag-4. Pineapple ice in ginger ale. Broiled ham. 
Creamed potatoes. Fried egg plant. Pickled beets. 
Cherry upside down cake. 


Ag-5. Pineapple cup. Fried chicken. Parsley but- 
tered potatoes. Creamed string beans. Combin- 
ation. Cantaloupe with raspberry ice. 

Ag-6. Consomme vermicelli. Planked hamburg. 
Peppers stuffed with green corn. Broiled tomatoes. 
Pear and pimiento. Dutch peach cake, whipped 

Ag-7. Tomato juice. Cottage cheese and deviled 
eggs. Potato chips. Fresh spinach. Pineapple, or- 
ange and pear. Fresh cream puff. 

Ag-8. Celery bisque. Corned beef hash puffs. 
Buttered peas. Pineapple, raspberry, orange. Apple 
pie a la mode. 

Ag-9. Mixed sweet pickles. Baked halibut with 
egg sauce. Mashed potatoes. Buttered beets. Cab- 
bage and green pepper. New York ice cream, 
date cookie. 

Ag-10. Chilled tomato juice and evaporated milk 
cocktail. Ham and eggs. Baked parsnips. Buttered 
lima beans and bantam corn. Apricot. Jellied 
cherry tart, whipped cream. 

Ag-11. Chicken noodle soup. Pork, tomato and 
bacon club house. Peas and carrots. Pear. Choco- 
late sundae. 

Ag-12. Chicken broth. Liver and bacon. Potato 
pattie. Creamed new onions. Fresh fruit in straw- 
berry gelatin. Apple sauce tart. 

Ag-13. Radishes and olives. Smoked salmon. Po- 
tato salad. Cabbage slaw, raw carrot, pineapple 
salad. Sliced tomato and cucumber. Cocoanut cake. 

Ag-l4. Honeydew melon. Cold chicken. Potato 
au gratin. Stuffed tomato. Fresh peach sundae. 


Ag-15. Tomato frappe. Baked ham. Escalloped 
potatoes with parsley. Swiss chard. Waldorf. Or- 
ange gelatin with fresh pear sauce, whipped 

Ag-16. Gr-ape juice. Pot roast of beef. Buttered 
noodles with crumbs. Boiled corn. Cinnamon 
apple nut. Date cake a la mode. 

Ag-17. Tomato juice with cucumber canape. 
Lamb chops. French fried potatoes. String beans, 
onions, and mushrooms in HoUandaise sauce. 
Pineapple. Devil's food ice cream sandwich. 

Ag-18. Fruit cocktail with pineapple ice. Chick- 
en fricassee. Parsley buttered potatoes. Summer 
squash. Perfection. Peach schaum torte. 

Ag.l9. Mixed pickles. Veal loaf. Spaghetti with 
tomato sauce. Buttered green lima beans and but- 
tered carrots. Grapes and pineapple in lemon 
gelatin. Caramel parfait. 

Ag-20. Grapefruit juice. Pan-broiled round 
steak. Lyonnaise potatoes. Creamed cabbage. Fresh 
vegetable. Baked apple dumpling, whipped cream. 

Ag.21. Cantaloupe with fresh peach and lime. 
Fish souffle with creamed pea sauce. Julienne po- 
tatoes. String beans, tomato and onion salad, 
French dressing. Pineapple and maraschino cherry 

Ag-22. Cream of celery soup. Breaded veal cut- 
let. Potato with cream gr^yy. Spinach, HoUand- 
aise. Cantaloupe and raspberry. Blackberry pie. 


Ag-23. Mushroom bisque. Cold boiled ham. 
Peppers stuffed with corn. String beans. Sliced 
tomato, cucumber, raw carrot. Bavarian cream, 
fruit salad sauce. 

Ag-24. Raspberry, cherry and melon cocktail. 
Chicken salad. Corn bread sticks. Buttered peas 
and carrots. Spiced peach. Pecan parfait. 

Ag-25. Veal stew and vegetable. Oven-fried po- 
tatoes. Assorted pickles. Pineapple tart. 

Ag-26. Sweet gherkins. Cold sliced corn beef. 
Baked beans. Sliced sour beets. Baked apple with 

Ag-27. Cream of chicken croutons soup. As- 
sorted cold meats. Noodles with buttered crumbs. 
Buttered beets. Jellied pineapple and carrot. Can- 
taloupe sundae. 

Ag-28. Corn bisque. Cold sea food plate. Pota- 
to chips. Sliced tomato with cole slaw. Honeydew 

Ag-29. Watermelon and fresh fruit cocktail. 
Creamed chicken in noodle ring. Buttered peas. 
Head lettuce. Thousand Island dressing. Green 
gage ice cream. 

Ag-30. Melon ball and grape juice cocktail. 
Creamed eggs and peas on rice timbale. Buttered 
baby lima beans, buttered beets. Cabbage and 
pineapple. Loganberry ice macaroon. 




S-l. Tomato juice. Hot roast beef sandwich. 
Corn on cob. Cabbage and orange. Peach pie. 

S-2. Clear broth. Egg, shrimp and pea casser- 
ole. Buttered green lima beans. Spinach. Tomato 
filled with Waldorf. Fruit salad sundae. 

S-3. Tomato mushroom bisque. Veal loaf. Baked 
stuffed potatoes. Creamed peas. Cabbage, pimien- 
to and pineapple. Lemon pie. 

S-4. Grape juice. Chicken a la king. Potato and 
pea croquette. Stuffed tomato. Frozen raspberry 

S-5. Watermelon pickle. Cheese rarebit. Pota- 
to chips. Buttered string beans. Sliced tomatoes. 
Peach sundae. 

S-6. Tomato bouillon. Baked pork chops. 
Browned potatoes. Creamed cabbage. Fresh fruit 
in cherry gelatin. Apple dumpling, vanilla sauce. 

S-7. Fruit juice cocktail with ginger cheese crack- 
ers. Baked trout. Parsley buttered potato balls. 
Broiled tomato halves. Sliced cucumbers. Sponge 
cake a la mode with sliced peaches. 

S-8. Grapefruit juice. Veal stew. Cloverleaf rolls. 
Cabbage, pimiento and green pepper. Fruit gela- 
tin with whipped cream. 


S-9. Grapefruit and cranberry ice cocktail. Roast 
chicken. Succotash. Spiced peach. Squash pie. 

S-10. Alphabet soup. Ground beef pattie. Pota- 
to au gratin. Mixed vegetable. Baked pears with 
whipped cream. 

S-11. Bouillon with noodles. Salmon and celery 
salad, French fried potatoes. Buttered string beans. 
Slice sour beets. Blueberry pie. 

S-12. Orange and banana cocktail. Liver and 
bacon. Baked potato. Green lima beans. Pine- 
apple. Apricot pie. 

S-13. Bread and butter pickles, apple jelly. Corn- 
ed beef. Potatoes en creme. Buttered beets, Pear 
and melon balls in mint gelatin. Cocoanut cake 
with lemon custard filling. 

S-14. Jellied bouillon with lemon. Baked ham. 
Buttered noodles, Buttered summer squash. Fresh 
fruit. Honevdew melon a la mode with preserved 
ginger sauce. 

S-15. Frozen crushed pineapple cocktail. Grilled 
deviled crabs. Baking powder biscuit. Buttered 
peas. Diced celery and sweet gherkins in tomato 
lemon gelatin. Chocolate fudge cake. 

S-l6. Cream of celery soup. Cold roast beef. 
Boiled corn. String beans and onions. Currant 
jelly roll a la mode. 

S-17. Bananas in lime juice. Lamb roast. Brown- 
ed potatoes. Creamed celery. Cucumber mint gela- 
tin on pineapple ring. Chocolate tart. 

S-18. Cream of pea soup. Boiled tongue, raisin 
sauce. Buttered hominy. Spinach with bacon sauce. 
Orange and cocoanut. Pineapple pie. 


S-19. Cream of tomato soup. Cube steak in 
French toast sandwich. Fried onions. Raw carrot 
^nA raisin. Hot fudge sundae. 

S-20. Honeydew melon. Fried chicken. Buttered 
rice. Salsify with buttered crumbs. Cucumber and 
onion. Butterscotch pie. 

S-21. Egg drop consomme. Toasted cheese sand- 
wich with creamed shrimp. Buttered baby lima 
beans and carrots. Tomato, asparagus and green 
pepper. Pineapple ice. 

S-23. Chicken rice soup. Fried eggs and Cana- 
dian bacon. Creamed potatoes. Raw carrot, kid- 
ney beans, onion and shredded cabbage. Cherry 

S-23. Tomato cocktail with sardine canape. Ten- 
derloin steak. Julienne potatoes. Spinach with 
mushroom sauce. Peach, pineapple, date and nut. 
Green apple pie. 

S-24. Dill pickles and celery. Frankfurters. Hot 
German potato salad. Beef and cucumber, French 
dressing. Mixed fruit compote, peanut butter 

S-25. Spiced melon ball cocktail. Swiss steak. 
Boiled corn. Buttered Swiss chard. Sliced toma- 
toes. Cherry tapioca, whipped cream. 
S-26. Corn bisque. Cold sliced ham. Escalloped 
potatoes au gratin. Sliced tomatoes. Eggs and cel- 
erv. W atermelon. 

S-27. Sweet gherkins. Baked beans. Minced ham 
sandwich. Perfection. Prune and apple turnovers. 
S-28. Crabapple pickle. Beef pot roast. Mashed 
potatoes. Creamed kohlrabi. Shredded lettuce, In- 
dia relish dressing. Cantaloupe sundae. 


S-29. Onion bouillon with rye bread crouton. 
Pork tenderloin. Apple and sweet potato casser- 
ole. Spinach. Banana, date and nut raspberry gel- 
atin. Prune whip with sugar wafers. 

S-30. Consomme. Baked chicken legs. Potato 
volcano. Fried egg plant. Combination. Peach 
Melba parfait. 


O-l. Melon ball, grape, pineapple and lemon 
ice cocktail. Fried chicken. Glazed sweet potatoes. 
French fried eggplant. Carrot, red cabbage, cel- 
ery, and radish salad with French dressing. Peach 

Jellied chicken bouillon. Planked steak. 
Duchess potato. Stuffed baked tomato. Peach sal- 
ad. Orange ice. 

0-3. Corn bisque. Ham, tomato and spaghetti 
casserole. Buttered onions. Sliced cucumber salad. 
Prune pie. 

0-4. Bean soup. Breaded veal cutlet. Parslied 
potatoes. Creamed cabbage. Sliced sour beets. 
Lemon pie. 

0-5. Tomato juice. Pork chops. Sweet potato 
and apple casserole. Creamed string beans with 
parsley. German cabbage slaw. Cranberry pie. 


0-6. Orange and banana cocktail. Crabmeat 
omelet — creamed celery sauce. Julienne potatoes. 
Buttered beets. Perfection salad. Strawberry pie. 

0-7. Mushroom bisque. Roast beef. Buttered 
noodles. Escalloped tomatoes. Waldorf salad. 
Peach tapioca — whipped cream. 

0-8. Tomato broth. Roast duck. Baked sweet 
potatoes. Creamed onions. Grape gelatin salad. 
Mince pie. 

0-9. Chicken broth. Bacon. Vegetable sand- 
wich. Apricot salad — French dressing. Pumpkin 
tart — whipped cream. 

O-IO. Pea bisque. Cold salmon. Creamed pota- 
toes. Mixed vegetable salad — tomato mayonnaise. 
Orange blitz torte. 

O-ll. Grapefruit cocktail. Open cube steak sand- 
wich with bacon. Buttered string beans. Celery 
and chopped pickle in tomato gelatin salad. Ba- 
nana cream pie. 

0-12. Tomato chowder. Chicken Maryland. But- 
tered hominy. Giant green peas. Pineapple cu- 
cumber salad — French dressing. Butterscotch sun- 

0-13. Cranberry cocktail. Mutton chops. Baked 
potatoes. Cauliflower. Jellied vegetable salad. Fro- 
zen nesselrode pudding. 

0-14. Orange, pineapple and cocoanut cocktail. 
Veal birds. Escalloped potatoes. Green lima beans. 
Tomato salad. Caramel ice cream — chocolate 


0-15. Chicken broth. Woodstock in pattie shell. 
Asparagus. Orange and grapefruit salad. Peach 
schaum torte. 

0-16. Fruit cocktail with cheese wafer. Fricassee 
Chicken with biscuit. Lattice potatoes. Tomato cu- 
cumber salad. Raisin pie a la mode. 

0-17. Celery and pea bisque. Liver and bacon. 
Hash browned potatoes. Baked tomatoes stuflFed 
with corn. Cole slaw. Almond toffee ice cream. 

0-18. Fresh fruit cup. Pot roast of beef. Riced 
potatoes. Fried parsnips. Lettuce, celery, onion 
and green pepper salad. Apple strudel. 

0-19. Cider cocktail. Fried ham. Sweet potato 
croquette. Creamed celery cabbage. Pineapple, raw 
carrot and cashew nut salad. Peach pie. 

O-20. Vegetable soup. Roast pork. Browned po- 
tatoes. Escalloped corn. Rosy apple and nut salad. 
Cranberry and orange sundae. 

0-21. Grape juice. Fried perch. Hash browned 
pimiento potatoes. Creamed peas. Combination 
salad. Sponge cake a la mode — butterscotch sauce. 

0-22. White grape and pineapple cocktail. 
Stuffed lamb patty. Boiled rice. Creamed celery. 
Lettuce cole slaw and pimiento salad. Raspberry 
jello tart — whipped cream. 

0-23. Tomato alphabet soup. Corned beef. Pars- 
lied potatoes. Sauerkraut. Pineapple, prune and 
nut salad. Apple dumpling — lemon sauce. 


0-24. Dill pickles, celery and olives. Pork sau- 
sage. Hot German potato salad. Escalloped toma- 
toes, buttered spinach, buttered wax beans. Cherry 

0-25. Beef egg dumphng soup. Boiled tongue. 
Potato au gratin. Buttered cauliflower and peas. 
Apricot and prune salad. Cinnamon torte. 

0-26. Chicken rice soup. Ham and spaghetti 
roll — cream gravy. Escalloped corn. Buttered 
string beans. Pineapple and nut salad. Cocoanut 
cream pie. 

0-27. Grapefruit juice. Baked trout — egg sauce. 
Buttered potato balls. Carrots and peas. Head let- 
tuce — Thousand Island dressing. Pineapple ice. 

0-28. Cream of corn soup. Veal loaf. Baked 
stuffed potatoes. Brussels sprouts. Spiced peach 
salad. Coffee jelly — whipped cream. 

0-29. Peach, pear, and orange juice cocktail. 
Baked hash with egg. Stewed corn. Buttered lima 
beans. Sliced tomato. Hot fudge sundae. 

O-30. Tomato juice. Swiss steak. Buttered noo- 
dles. Smothered onions. Banana, crushed pine- 
apple and nut salad. Blueberry pie. 




N-l. Navy bean soup. Fried pike scallops. Shoe 
string potatoes. Peas. Beet, endive and lettuce sal- 
ad. Raspberry tart. 

N-2. Vegetable soup. Baked pork chops, Span- 
ish rice. String beans. Peach salad. New York ice 
cream, pecan stick. 

N-3. Oyster cocktail. Roast turkey, giblet gravy, 
Mashed potato. Creamed onions. Grape, pine- 
apple, orange pecan salad. Cranberry pie. 

N-4. Cream of corn soup. Poached tgg plate. 
Corned beef hash. Sliced tomato topped with 
diced cucumber! Cole slaw with green pepper sal- 
ad. Apple pie. 

N-5. Tomato bouillon. Broiled salmon. Butter- 
ed potato balls. Fresh spinach. Pineapple, carrot 
gelatin salad. Steamed chocolate nut pudding, 
foam y sauce. 

N-6. Tomato juice. Baked ham. Sweet potato 
croquettes. Creamed string beans and peas. Prune, 
orange and grapefruit salad. Lemon souffle — 
whipped cream. 

N-7. Shrimp cocktail. Chicken pie. Mashed po- 
tatoes. Buttered cauliflower and peas. Cherry gela- 
tin salad. Ginger bread — whipped cream. 

N-8. Chicken rice. Waffle-toast. Escalloped po- 
tatoes. Honey fruit salad. Devil's food a la mode. 

N-9. Chicken ^gg dumpling soup. Fried oys- 


ters and bacon. Creamed potatoes. Buttered spin- 
ach. Carrots, peas and celery salad. Lemon mer- 
ingue pie. 

N-10. Cider cup. Boiled smoked butt. Parslied 
potatoes. Creamed cauliflower. Combination vege- 
table salad. Orange cup custard. 

N-11. Fruit cocktail. Roast duck. Buttered rice. 
Stewed tomatoes. String bean and onion salad. 
Pumpkin pie. 

N-12. Celery bisque. Cube steak. Italian spag- 
hetti. Mixed green salad. Apricot pie. 

N-13. Consomme. Creamed shrimp and pea pat- 
tie. Potato chips. Pineapple salad. Strawberry ice 
and vanilla ice cream parfait. 

N-14. Crabmeat salad on tomato slice canape. 
Beef and pork loaf. Browned potatoes. Creamed 
wax beans. Apple, orange and date salad. Choco- 
late souffle, mint marshmallow sauce. 

N-15. Chicken broth. Pork sausage. Waffles and 
honey. Combination cooked vegetables with 
French dressing. Fruit cup, almond short bread. 

N-16. Bouillon with liver dumplings. Breaded 
veal cutlets. Baked stuffed potatoes. Hot sour 
beets. Lettuce salad, French dressing. Chocolate 
chip ice cream, peanut cookie. 

N-17. Mixed sea food cocktail. Roast chicken. 
Riced potato. Fried eggplant. Sliced salad. Pine- 
apple sundae. 

N-18. Pea bisque. Haricot of lamb with vege- 
tables and dumplings. Lettuce, India relish dress- 
ing. Baked pear with whipped cream. 


N-19. Orange juice. Omelet souffle with currant 
jelly. French fried potatoes. Tomato and cucumber 
salad. Roquefort French dressing. Apple dump- 
ling, vanilla sauce. 

N-20. Cream of string bean soup. Mutton chops. 
Buttered steamed rice. Plum marmalade. Carrot, 
celery and cabbage salad. Frozen chocolate eclair. 

N-21. Pineapple juice cocktail. Pan fried liver. 
Ravioli. String beans. Apricot, French dressing. 
Date torte a la mode. 

N-22. Cranberry, apple and orange cocktail. 
Creamed codfish. Baked potato. Tomato, shred- 
ded cabbage, string bean salad. Chocolate cream 

N-23. Hot crabmeat and Welsh rarebit canape. 
Roast squabs. Mashed potatoes. Peas and carrots. 
Grape and pineapple in mint gelatin salad. Rasp- 
berry pie. 

N-24. Split pea soup with bacon. Baked flank 
steak and vegetable casserole. American fried po- 
tatoes. Jellied fruit salad. Apple pie a la mode. 

N-25. Fish chowder. Melba toast. Combination 
salad. Steamed graham pudding, lemon sauce. 

N-26. Asparagus soup. Crabmeat salad. Cream- 
ed potato and pimiento casserole. Buttered string 
beans. Olives, radishes, grape jelly salad. Vanilla 
ice cream, lemon honey cookie. 

N-27. Assorted hors d'oeuvres. Lamb pattie in 
bacon circles. Oven fried potatoes. Cauliflower 
with creamed celery sauce. Apple and pineapple 
in strawberry gelatin salad. Prune whip, custard 


D-l. Chicken broth. Creamed chipped beef. 
Corn puffs. Buttered string beans. Spiced peach 
salad. Lemon pie. 

D-2. Oyster cocktail. Roast duck with rice 
dressing. Mashed potatoes. Creamed turnips. Red 
cherry and pear with watercress salad. Steamed 
fig pudding, hard sauce. 

D-3. Bouillon. Corned beef hash on sauted 
boiled ham circle. Buttered spinach, carrots, peas. 
Cabbage salad. Strawberry ice. 

D-4. Grapefruit sections in grape juice. Fried 
liver. Escalloped corn. Green asparagus. Tomato 
salad. Cherry pie. 

Do. Olives and pickles. Corn bread shortcake 
with creamed turkey. Waldorf salad with cran- 
berry jelly. Peanut brittle parfait and sugar cookie. 

D-6. Orange juice. Fried halibut with tartar 
sauce. Parslied potatoes. Cabbage, pea, carrot, cel- 
ery salad. French dressing. Apple Betty with 
whipped cream. 

D-7. Tomato juice. Lamb chops with spiced 
prunes. Baked potato. Spinach. Assorted fruit 
in strawberry gelatin. Cocoanut pie. 

D-8. Assorted hors d'oeuvres. Shrimp in tomato 

sauce on patty shell. Potato chips. Asparagus. 
Pineapple, grape and nut salad. Sponge cake with 
coffee sauce and whipped cream and toasted al- 

D-9. Tomato cocktail with fried fish cake fin- 
gers. Baked rabbit. Creamed potatoes. Buttered 
carrots. Chicory with French dressing. Pineapple 

D-10. Alphabet soup. Baked ham with orange 
sauce. Glazed sweet potatoes. Creamed onions. 
Perfection salad. Apple pie. 

D-11. Tomato bouillon. Mock duck (cube steak 
with pork sausage filling). Escalloped potatoes. 
Mixed cooked vegetable salad. Spice cake with 
toasted nut icing. 

D-12. Corn bisque. Baked haddock with egg 
sauce. Hash browned potatoes. Buttered beets. 
Lettuce with Thousand Island dressing. Fruit sal- 
ad sundae. 

D-13. Navy bean puree. Veal loaf. Baked stuff- 
ed potatoes with cheese. Stewed tomatoes. Apple, 
_ban ana and date salad. Prune pie. 

D-14. Split pea soup. Fried ham. Mashed pota- 
toes. Fried parsnips. Cabbage, banana and 
marshmallow salad. Pineapple cream pie. 

D-15. Fruit cup. Beef stew. Beet and onion on 
curly endive with French dressing. Blueberry pie. 

D-16. Shrimp cocktail. Roast turkey with oyster 
dressing. Mashed sweet potatoes. Creamed cab- 


bage and peas. Pineapple and celery in cranberry 
gelatin salad. Plum-pudding with brandy sauce. 

D-17. Orange and cocoanut cocktail. Crown 
roast of pork with onion dressing. Browned po- 
tatoes. Creamed wax beans. Rosy apple and nut 
salad. Lemon icebox cake. 

D.18. Celery bisque with croutons. Roast beef. 
Riced potatoes. Creamed cauliflower. Grapefruit 
and pimiento salad. Mince pie. 

D-19. Consomme with rice. Fricassee chicken 
with dumplings. Mashed potatoes. Buttered peas. 
Gelatin fruit salad. Peach tart. 

D-20. Orange ice. Stuffed baked veal chops. 
Buttered noodles. Baked tomatoes stuflFed with 
onion and spinach. Pineapple salad. Caramel cus- 
tard with whipped cream and salted peanuts. 

D-21. Grapefruit cocktail. Scrambled eggs on 
toast with creamed mushrooms and broiled bacon. 
Jellied vegetable salad. Sponge cake a la mode 
with fudge sauce. 

D-22. Mixed pickles. Creamed ham a la king. 
Sweet potato croquettes. Buttered string beans. 
Apple, banana and orange with currant jelly sal- 
ad. Raisin pie. 

D-23. Consomme. Pork sausage. Corn fritters. 
Citrus fruit salad. Bar-le-Duc crackers and Cam- 
em.bert cheese. 

D-24. Olives and dill pickles. Sliced cold roast 
beef, pork and chicken. Spanish rice. Creamed 


cabbage. Pear, orange and endive salad. Pumpkin 

D-25. Orange, banana and marshmallow cup. 
Baked Turkey. Chicken. Mixed greens. Russian 
dressing. Cranberry ice, icebox cookie. 

D-26. Sardine, hard cooked egg and tomato 
canape. Braised tongue. Browned potatoes. But- 
tered beets and spinach. Chopped carrot and rai- 
sin salad. Orange floating island. 

D-27. Sea food cocktail. Roast goose, apple and 
raisin dressing. Mashed potatoes. Green lima 
beans. Pineapple, carrot, nut salad. Indian pud- 
ding a la mode. 

D-28. Crabmeat salad on tomato slice and cheese 
cracker. Roast lamb with chestnut stuffing. But- 
tered potato balls. Creamed peas. Pineapple, white 
grape in mint gelatin salad. Vanilla ice cream. 

D-29. Lima bean puree. Pork shank. Boiled po- 
tatoes. Sauerkraut. Apple sauce. Cheese torte. 

D-30. Oyster stew. Mackerel turnovers. Lyon- 
naise potatoes. Creamed celery. Sliced sour beets. 
Hot apricot cobbler with lemon sauce. 



inner /nenud 




J-l. Grapefruit cocktail with lime ice. Roast 
turkey. Mashed potatoes. Onions stuffed with 
peas. Apricot. Date pie with whipped cream. 

J-2. Pineapple, orange and cocoanut cocktail. 
Browned potatoes. Sour red cabbage. Pear and 
Pimiento. Apricot sponge. 

J-3. Tuna fish and olive cocktail. Broiled lake 
trout. French fried potatoes. Parslied peas. To- 
mato aspic with celery and pickles. Bread pud- 
ding, whipped cream. 

J-4. Chicken broth. Eggs a la King shortcake 
with broiled bacon. Mixed vegetable. Lady Balti- 
more cake. 

J-3. Tomato bouillon. Baked ham. Escalloped 
sweet potato. Cauliflower and spinach with cheese 
sauce. Jellied fruit. Lemon chiffon pie. 

J-6. Cream of pea soup. Hot giblet sandwich. 
Buttered cauliflower. Cranberry and celery gela- 
tin. Cocoanut custard pie. 

J-7. Grape Juice. Roast lamb. Browned potato 
balls. Creamed Brussels sprouts. Mixed pickles. 
Cherry Betty, whipped cream. 

J-8. Celery bisque. Scrambled eggs and ham. 
Creamed potatoes. String beans. Prune pie. 


J-9. Cream of tomato soup. Cube steak. Baked 
potatoes. French fried onions. Fruit. Steamed gra- 
ham pudding, vinegar sauce. 

J-10. Cream of asparagus soup. Egg timbale. 
Spanish rice. Buttered string beans. Pineapple. 
Baked apple with cream. 

J-11. Tomato juice. Pork sausage. Escalloped 
sweet potatoes and apple. Creamed peas and 
celery. Cabbage. Apricot pie. 

J-12. Bouillon, liver dumpling. Chicken fric- 
assee. Riced potato. Carrots and wax beans. Head 
lettuce, Thousand Island dressing. Fruit salad 

J-13. Pineapple juice. Liver and bacon with on- 
ion gravy. Brown rice. Carrot, raisin. Jam custard. 

J-14. Asparagus bisque. Ham and pea shortcake. 
Buttered carrots. Pear and nut. Pineapple sundae. 

J- 15. Split pea puree. Breaded pork chops. Pars- 
ley buttered potato. Creamed cabbage. Spiced 
peach. Pumpkin pie. 

J-i6. Prune juice. Veal pot pie with dumplings. 
Cabbage, pineapple and banana. Chocolate blanc 
mange, whipped cream. 

J- 17. Consomme Royal. Oysters au gratin. Po- 
tato chips. Buttered peas. Orange. Raspberry tart. 

J- 18. Mixed fruit cocktail. Sliced corn beef. Mac- 
aroni and cheese. Broccoli. Sliced sour beets. 
Chocolate pie with cocoanut meringue. 

J- 19. Chicken consomme. Roast duck. Mashed 
potatoes. Creamed cauliflower. Grapefruit with 
cranberry gelatin. Steamed fig pudding, hard 


J-20. Cream of corn soup. Breaded veal. Escal- 
loped potatoes. String beans and broiled tomato 
slice Banana nut. Pineapple upside down cake. 

J-21. Sardine, pork sausage, cole slaw, cracker 
plate. Baked beans. Brown bread. Prune, pear and 
pineapple. Coffee gelatin, whipped cream. 

J-22. Cranberry juice. Baked chicken pie. Mash- 
ed potatoes. Radishes. Radishes and celery. Prune 

J-23. Bean soup. Beef, onion and bacon en Bro- 
chette. Hashed browned potatoes. Stewed toma- 
toes. Mixed green. Apple pie. 

J-24. Orange and cranberry juice. Creamed cod- 
fish. Baked potatoes. Buttered string beans. Per- 
fection. Indian pudding with vanilla ice cream. 

J-25. Cream of chicken soup. Hard cooked egg 
toastwich with cheese sauce. Julienne potato. Spin- 
ach with onion. Combination. Blueberry pie. 

J-26. Mushroom bisque. Rib roast of beef. 
Browned potatoes. Carrots, spinach. Banana and 
orange cocoanut. Mincemeat pie. 

J- 2 7. Grapefruit juice. Hot lamb sandwich with 
mushroom sauce. Mashed potato. Peas, carrots, 
celery, onion. Banana cream pie. 

J-28. French onion soup. Cold roast of beef. 
Creamed potato with pimiento and parsley. Vege- 
table molds. Boston cream pie. 

J-29. Mushroom bouillon. Fried chicken. Glazed 
sweet potato. Asparagus. Peach and currant jelly. 
Filled angel food. 


J-30. Shrimp cocktail. Beef Sukiyaki. Rice. 
Olives and radishes. Orange ice — Petite Fours. 

J-31. Oyster Stew. Sardines. Hot German potato 
salad. Peach, Gingerbread with whipped cream. 


F-l. Chicken okra soup. Corned beef. Parsley 
potato. Creamed parsnips. Cabbage, apple and 
nut. Gingerbread, whipped cream. 

F-2. Tomato juice. Roast chicken. Mashed po- 
tatoes. Corn in spinach ring. Fruit in cherry gela- 
tin ring. Nabisco torte. 

F-3. Pineapple juice. Escalloped chicken. But- 
tered beets. Peach prune. Nut cake, whipped 

F-4. Half grapefruit. Broiled lamb kidneys. 
Rice, shredded ham and cheese casserole. Mixed 
green. Prune pie. 

F-5. Prune juice. StuflFed pork chops. Cinnamon 
apples with sweet potato stuffing. Creamed celery. 
Sweet mixed pickles. Banana pie. 

F-6. Cream of tomato soup. Beef loaf. Hash 
browned potato. Creamed cabbage. Pear, apricot, 
cocoanut. Chocolate Blanc Mange. 

F-7. Mushroom bisque. Poached tgg on escal- 
loped codfish. Julienne potatoes. Buttered broccoli. 
Grapefruit. Cocoanut cream pie. 

F-8. Tomato cocktail. Pork sausage. Apple 
waffles. Olives, celery, mixed pickles. Peach mac- 
aroon with cream. 


F-9. Oyster cocktail. Roast goose, apple dress- 
ing. Browned potatoes. Creamed onions. Spiced 
peach. Raisin pie. 

F-10. Split pea soup. Sauted turkey giblets and 
liver. Spanish rice. Cole slaw. Fruit gelatin. 

F-11. Vegetable soup. Mutton chops. Baked po- 
tatoes. Peas. Banana and cherry in lemon gelatin 
on pineapple slice. Frozen custard. 

F.12. Shrimp cocktail. Ham. Flominy. Wax 
beans with nutmeg and parsley. Cranberry pine- 
apple celery gelatin. Apple pie. 

F-13. Spiced pineapple juice. Hamburger short- 
cake. Creamed onions and celery. Thousand Is- 
land. Date torte. 

F-14. Consomme with spinach balls. Halibut 
with Hollandaise. Buttered rice with green pep- 
per. Buttered cauliflower. Shredded lettuce, sliced 
stuffed olive and French dressing. Cherry pie. 

F-15. Oyster stew. Orange omelet. Bran muf- 
fin. Fruit. Nut torte. 

F-16. Chicken egg drop soup. Filet mignon. 
Stuffed au gratin potato. Buttered oyster plant. 
Royal Anne cherries in red cherry gelatin. Coffee 

F-17. Fruit cocktail. Mushroom pattie. Parslied 
carrots and peas. Combination. Peach melba. 

F-IS. Grape juice and grapefruit juice cocktail. 
Barbecued spareribs. Browned potatoes. Sauer- 
kraut. Apricot. Graham meringue pie. 

F.19. Pineapple wedges in orange juice. Roast 
beef. Buttered potato balls. Fried parsnips. Cab- 
bage banana. Butterscotch pie. 


F-20. Sliced bananas in orange juice with cocoa- 
nut. Lamb stew with vegetables and dumplings. 
Mixed pickles. Prune upside down cake. 

F-21. Cranberry juice. Fried oysters. Potato au 
gratin. String beans. Pineapple. Baked custard, 
caramel sauce. 

F-22. Chicken broth. Creamed chipped beef. 
Breaded noodles. Mixed vegetable. Marble cake 
with orange icing. 

F-23. Cream of celery soup. Fried chicken. 
Baked sweet potato. Asparagus. Orange banana 
nut. Fresh strawberry shortcake. 

F-24. Corn chowder. Pork sausage and potato 
casserole. Buttered carrots. Head lettuce, French 
dressing. Cherry pudding with cherry sauce. 

F-25. Cream of onion soup. Swiss steak, noodles. 
Stewed tomatoes. Perfection. Custard pie. 

F-26. Green pea soup with frankfurter slices 
and croutons. Roast pork. Mashed potatoes. But- 
tered shredded beets. Banana, orange, cherry. Iced 
apple pastries. 

F-27. Grape juice with Royal Anne cherries. 
Roast veal. Whipped potatoes. Escalloped corn. 
Lettuce, tomato, asparagus with chili sauce dress- 
ing. Crushed pineapple in lime gelatin with pear 

F-28. Chicken broth. Deviled crabs. Potato 
chips. Asparagus. Grapefruit. Strawberry parfait. 

F-29. Mixed pickles and radishes. Hot liver 
sandwich. Fried onions. Cabbage, green pepper 
slaw. Blackberry pie. 




M-l. Chicken broth. Melba toast. Roast beef, 
mushroom gravy. Buttered potato balls. Broiled 
tomato stuffed with corn. Grapefruit and avocado 
pear. Strawberry parfait. 

M-2. Mushroom bisque. Chicken salad, Rare- 
bit sauce on toast. Buttered asparagus. Fresh fruit. 
Blueberry tart. 

M-3. Onion soup. Swiss steak. Browned noo- 
dles. Spinach. Sour beets. Spiced apricot tapioca. 

M-4. Chicken tomato okra soup. Fried pork 
chop. Potato pattie. Baked apple. Cole slaw. 
Cherry cobbler with cream. 

M-5. Grapefruit juice. Fried beef live:. But- 
tered hominy. Buttered cauliflower and carrots. 
Sour beet and minced hard cooked egg yolk. Apri- 
cot Betty. 

M-6. Cream of green pea soup. Fried baby 
pike. Baked stuffed potato. Buttered beets. Mixed 
green. Orange pineapple Bavarian, almond cus- 
tard sauce. 

M-7. Chicken alphabet soup. Veal stew. Po- 
tato cubes. Carrot, turnip, peas and onion. Maple 
bread pudding with sliced peaches. 

M-8. Clear soup with avocado cubes. Roast 
chicken. Riced potatoes. Peas with parsley sauce. 
Gapefruit, prune, orange. Cream puffs, carmel 


M-9. Asparagus bisque. Creamed chipped beef 
and mushrooms in potato nest. Baking powder, 
cheese biscuits. Cabbage, carrot, grapefruit and 
date. Farina walnut torte. 

M-10. Tomato juice. Chicken leg and bacon 
grill. French fried potatoes. String beans. Pine- 
apple. Angostura peaches with whipped cream 
and chopped Brazil nuts. 

M-11. Fruit cocktail. Baked ham, brandied 
peach. Mashed potatoes. Parslied wax beans. Per- 
fection. Hot gingerbread, hard sauce. 
M-12. Chicken soup, farina dumpling. Roast 
veal. Browned potatoes. Creamed brussels sprouts 
and celery. Stuffed rosy apple. Raisifi pie. 

M-13. Clam chowder. Poached egg. Baked po- 
tatoes. Buttered beets, spinach, corn. Cabbage. 
Fruit salad sundae. 

M-14. Green pea soup. Macaroni and corned 
beef casserole. Mixed vegetable. Prune cot souffle 
whipped cream. 

M-15. Crabmeat, grapefruit and crushed pine- 
apple. Crown roast of pork. Mashed potatoes. 
Creamed asparagus. Pear, cherry, nut. Chocolate 
ice cream with chocolate sauce. Almond short. 

M-16. Shrimp cocktail. Planked meat loaf. 
Duchess potatoes. Carrots and peas. Watercress 
and tomato. Snow pudding, custard sauce. 

M-17. Tomato bouillon. Chicken and mushroom 
pattie. Broccoli. Fruit with pistachio nuts. Caramel 
ice cream, Devil's food cup cake. 

M-18. Potato and pimiento bisque. Pot roast. 
Spaghetti. Wax beans. Watercress and spiced 
peach. Chocolate blanc mange. 


M-19. Black olives and radishes. Fried ham. Po- 
tato au gratin. French fried cabbage. Combination 
salad. White cake with fresh pineapple whipped 

M-20. Crab gumbo. Creamed shrimp and eggs. 
Brown rice and green pepper ring. Fresh aspara- 
gus. Pear, pineapple, cherry. Orange ice, peanut 

M-21. Prune juice. Beef pie with pimiento bis- 
cuit crust. Hash browned potatoes. Apple, date, 
nuts and raw carrot salad. Baked caramel custard. 

M-22. Consomme tapioca. Roast duck. Escalloped 
sweet potatoes and nuts. Creamed onions. Orange, 
green pepper. Peach melba. 

M-23. Corn bisque. Chicken and mashed pota- 
to puff. Sauted mushrooms. Baked tomato half, 
onions au gratin, buttered lima beans. Head let- 
tuce, India Relish dressing. Strawberry ice. 

M-24. Orange, banana cocoanut cocktail. Veal 
chops a la Maryland. Buttered rice. Glazed car- 
rots. Stuffed red cherry. Lemon bread souffle. 

M-25. Chicken rice soup. Baked salmon, egg 
sauce. Peppers stuffed with corn. Baked tomato, 
buttered carrots. Banana, nut and red cherry. 
Lemon sherbet. 

M-26. Celery bisque. Hawaiian mutton chops. 
Baked potatoes. Cauliflower, peas and beet. Co- 
coanut custard pie. 

M-27. Fresh pineapple wedges, powdered sugar. 
Fresh strawberry omelet. Bran muffins. Aspara- 
gus. Olives, celery. Frozen chocolate eclair, fudge 



M-28. Chicken broth with celery whipped 

cream. City chicken. Creamed potatoes. Broccoli. 

Fruit in lemon gelatin. Maple parfait. 

M-29. Strawberry, grapefruit, orange cup. 

Roquefort tenderloin steak. Escalloped potatoes. 

Buttered string beans. Head lettuce. Thousand 

Island dressing. Rhubarb pie. 

M-30. Oyster on half shell. Shrimp Jambalaya. 

French fried onions. String beans. Pineapple co- 

coanut cream pie. 

M-31. Pineapple juice. Pork shoulder. Mashed 

potato. Creamed cabbage. Grapefruit wine gelatin. 

Indian pudding a la mode. 


A-l. Cream of Toasted Almond Bisque. Fried 
oysters. Spanish rice. String beans. Head lettuce, 
French dressing. Peach and blueberry shortcake, 
whipped cream. 

A-2. Lentil soup. Pork sausage. Creamed pota- 
to and celery. String beans. Orange tapioca with 
whipped cream. 

A-3. Grapefruit and green cherry cup. Crab 
timbales, oyster sauce. Shoestring potatoes. As- 
paragus. String vegetable. Blackberry pie. 
A-4. Sliced banana in cherry juice. Baked beans 
au gratin. Browned bread. Beet, celery, onion. 
Pear sauce with peanut mocha cake. 
A-5. Pineapple mint cocktail. Leg of lamb. 
Mashed potatoes. Creamed asparagus. Watercress, 
tomato. Rhubarb pie. 


A-6. Tomato soup. German pancake. Apple 

sauce. Mixed vegetable. Cheese cake. 

A-7. Clear soup. Baked ham with apricots. 

Noodles with browned crumbs. Fresh green beans. 

Banana, cabbage. Lemon souffle with whipped 


A-8. Grapefruit juice. Hamburger patties. Rice 

with green pepper cheese sauce. Broiled tomato 

slice. Chicory. Prune pie. 

A-9. Celery bisque. Roast veal. Browned pota- 
toes. Parslied wax beans. Jellied cherry and ban- 
ana. Sponge cake with maple syrup and whipped 

A- 10. Cream of mushroom soup. Mexican ome- 
let. Bran muffins. Fried pineapple. Mixed green. 
Pecan pie. 

A-11. Cherry juice. Corned beef hash. Clover- 
leaf rolls. Buttered carrots and spinach. Pickled 
beets. Peach cobbler. 

A-12. Crabmeat cocktail. Fried chicken. Creamed 
new potatoes. Buttered peas. Pineapple strawberry. 
Cocoanut parfait. 

A-13. Tomato juice. Chicken rolls with aspar- 
agus sauce. Potato chips. Pineapple. Fresh straw- 
berry sundae. 

A- 14. Split pea bisque. Veal chop with kidney. 
Escalloped potatoes. Buttered beets. Apricot. Jell- 
ied grapenut and walnut pudding, whipped cream. 

A-15. Green onions and radishes. Corned beef 
with dumplings. Boiled potatoes. Cabbage. Rosy 
apple. Pineapple date bread pudding. 

A- 16. Asparagus bisque. Lamb chops. French 
Fruit in lemon gelatin. Strawberry meringue glace. 


A-17. Corn bisque. Spaghetti with salmon sauce. 
Buttered spinach. Jelhed fruit. Qiocolate pie. 

A-18. Orange juice. Liver and bacon. Au gratin 
potato. Mixed cooked vegetable. Caramel banana 
with whipped cream. 

A-19. Shrimp cocktail with lime. Fricassee chick- 
en with fried pineapple. Rice and mushrooms. 
New peas. Lettuce and India Relish. Strawberry 

A-20. Chicken okra soup. Chicken pastry turn- 
overs. Potato balls in cream. Buttered carrots and 
peas. Pineapple, peach in raspberry gelatin. Cara- 
mel cake. 

A-21. Chicken noodle soup. Pork chops, glazed 
cherries. Buttered hominy. Creamed onions. To- 
mato and curly endive. Blackberry cobbler. 

A-22. Beef broth with tapioca. Individual lamb 
roasts. Baked stuffed potatoes. Escalloped toma- 
toes. Pear, pimiento. Lemon tarts with Brazil nut 

A-23. Shrimp and crab cocktail plate. Carrot 
ring with mushroom sauce. Apricot tea muffins. 
Spiced beets and greens. Citrus fruit. Brown sugar 
cake with grape pastel frosting. 

A-24. Stuffed olives and radishes. Tuna fish pie 
with cheese crust. Lyonnaise potatoes. Buttered 
string beans and celery. Head lettuce, Russian 
dressing. Strawberry gelatin with grapefruit, dates 
and walnuts. 

A-25. Stuffed celery and olives. Broiled bacon 
and egg in tomatg cup. Escalloped corn. Buttered 


spinach. Spiced peach. Chocolate cup cake with 
hot fudge and whipped cream. 

A- 2 6. Tomato cocktail with sardine fingers. 
Steak with Roquefort. Potato pattie. French fried 
onions. Banana, strawberry and pineapple. Cherry 

A-27. Cottage cheese, raspberry jam canape. 
Veal paprika. Almond and poppy seed noodles. 
Hot buttered beets. Lettuce, bacon dressing. Peach 
halves with ice cream. 

A-28. Green pea bisque with croutons. Baked 
sea food salad. Cheese baking powder biscuit. 
Fruit. Chocolate angel food with whipped cream 
and fresh cocoanut. 

A-29. Alphabet soup. Fried ham and eggs. Pine- 
apple corn bread. Spinach, asparagus, carrots. 
Combination. Strawberry shortcake. 

A-30. Prune juice. Pot roast sandwich. Cottage 
fried potato. Cabbage, green pepper, carrot salad. 
Mincemeat shortcakes with lemon meringue. 



M-1. Mushroom consomme. Salmon and hard 
cooked ^gg loaf. Parsley buttered potato balls. 
Creamed cucumbers. Sour beet and onion. Date 
torte a la mode. 

M-2. Tomato bouillon. Ham, rice, pea, mush- 
room, w^alnut casserole. Lettuce, Thousand Island 
dressing. Fruit salad sundae. 


M-3. Shrimp and cole slaw hors d'oeuvres. 
Broiled chicken. Buttered new potatoes. Peas and 
carrots. Apricot and cottage cheese nut balls in 
lime gelatin. Pineapple schaum torte. 

M-4. Tomato okra soup. Open face hamburger 
sandwich. Buttered onions. Pickled peaches. Rhu- 
barb pie. 

M-5. Cherry juice. Liver. Hash brown potatoes. 
Escalloped tomatoes. Cabbage, carrot and green 
pepper. Banana and orange cornstarch pudding. 

M-6. Pineapple juice. Lamb chop, pork sausage 
and bacon. Baked stuffed potatoes. Green beans. 
Tomato and chicory. Cocoanut chiffon pie. 

M-7. Sauerkraut juice. Roast veal. Mashed po- 
tatoes. Mashed turnips. Jellied fruit. Prune cookie 
pudding, whipped cream. 

M-8. Cream of pea soup. Tomato and crabmeat 
jellied salad. Potato muffins. Asparagus. Olives, 
radishes and celery. Devil's food cake, fudge 

M-9. Chicken rice soup. Corn beef hash. Cream- 
ed carrots. Tomato, pickle, celery aspic. Pineapple 
cocoanut cream pie. 

M-10. Sea food cocktail. Baked ham. Escalloped 
potatoes. Buttered spinach ring with corn. Jellied 
crushed pineapple salad with watercress. Fresh 
strawberry pie. 

M-11. Clear tomato soup. Upside down meat 
loaf. Creamed potatoes. Carrot, asparagus and pea 
salad. Pecan pie. 

M-12. Grapefruit juice with lime. Chicken chili. 
Toasted crackers. Pear and watercress, French 


dressing. White cake with lemon filhng and white 

M-13. Okra soup. Corn beef. Potato omelet. 
Hot sour red cabbage. Dill pickles. Hot brandied 
peaches and nuts, custard sauce. 

M-14. Fresh strawberries with powdered sugar. 
Roast lamb. Browned new potatoes. New peas. 
Pear, toasted cocoanut and pineapple. Mint ice 
cream, chocolate sauce. 

M-15. Tomato cocktail. Toasted lobster sand- 
wich with mushroom sauce. Garden. Strawberry 

M-16. Orange, fresh pineapple, strawberry cock- 
tail. Creamed dried beef and mushrooms. Potato 
nests. Sliced tomato and cucumber. Praline cake. 

M-17. Prune juice. Fried chicken. Glazed sw^eet 
potatoes. Canned corn on cob. Fruit in melon ring. 
Chocolate ice cream. 

M-18. Clear broth. Creamed chicken. Waffles. 
Broccoli. Red and white cherry. Strawberry ice. 

M-19. Chicken noodle. Egg Foo Yeung. Fried 
rice. Baked tomato. Shredded lettuce, French 
dressing. Ginger ice cream with maraschino cher- 

M-20. Consomme alphabet. Roast beef. Mashed 
potatoes. Creamed cabbage. Jellied vegetable. 
Snow pudding, custard sauce. 

M-21. Bouillon, Farina dumpling. Veal cutlet. 
New potatoes en cream. Fried parsnips. Orange 
and green pepper. New York ice cream. 


M-22. Assorted hors d'oeuvres. Creamed shrimp. 
Spaghetti tomato and mushroom ring. Grapefruit, 
orange, cabbage, carrot. Peach refrigerator cake. 

M-23. Celery bisque. Braised heart. Boiled po- 
tato. Carrots and onions. Mixed pickles. Rice cus- 
tard pudding. 

M-24. Julienne vegetable soup. Chicken Bur- 
gundy. Brown rice. Parsley peas. Pineapple, cot- 
tage cheese and pimiento. Cream sponge cake with 
lemon filling. 

M-25. Pineapple tidbits in loganberry. Tomato 
pot roast. Noodles. Wax beans. Lettuce, bacon 
dressing. Blueberry tart. 

M-26. Chicken egg drop. Veal stuffed with 
spinach. Boiled potatoes. Buttered beets. Cucum- 
bers in cream dressing. Cherry turnovers. 

M-27. Pineapple julep. Curry of lamb stew. As- 
paragus. Peach pie. 

M-28. Fruit cup. Frankfurters. Potato au gratin. 
Combination. White cake with chocolate icing. 

M-29. Cream of corn soup. Eggs Polonnaise. 
Potato chips. Buttered whole green beans. Apri- 
cot, cherry and pear. Raspberry tapioca pudding, 
whipped cream. 

M-30. Celery and beet pickles. Tongue. Rice 
with tomato and green pepper. Buttered green 
lima beans. Carrot and date. Nut cake, whipped 

M-31. Fruit punch. Steak. Baked potato. But- 
tered peas and mushrooms. Tomato, watercress. 
Sunshine cake with strawberries, whipped cream. 




J-l. Noodle soup. Rib roast of beef. Mashed 
potatoes. Asparagus, lemon butter. Pear and red 
cherry salad. Hot gingerbread, hard sauce. 

J- 2. Mushroom barley soup. Veal in paprika 
cream. Browned new potatoes. Buttered boiled 
onions. Watercress tomato. Steamed strawberry 
pudding, cream. 

J- 3. Chicken, celery and ripe olive cream soup. 
Vegetable plate (corn, stuffed pepper, carrots, 
beets, onions) . Lettuce, Russian dressing. Rhu- 
barb cream pie, strawberry sauce. 

J-4. Cream of corn and celery soup. Baked 
ham. Potato, peas, lima beans, radishes and wal- 
nut salad. Stuffed olives. Prune grapenut tortoni. 

Jo. Tomato bisque with orange slice. Halibut 
with horseradish wine sauce. Baked stuffed potato. 
New string beans. Perfection. Raspberry pie. 

J-6. Orange juice with sliced strawberries. Fric- 
assee lamb. Baking pow^der biscuit. Chicory. 
Cherry gelatin, whipped cream. 

J-7. Asparagus tomato bisque. Broiled chicken. 
Buttered rice. French fried cucumbers with but- 
tered peas. Fruit. Cantaloupe a la mode. 

J-8. French pea soup. Bacon. Rice timbales 
with tomato cheese sauce. Swiss chard. Pear. 
Flaming pineapple upside down cake. 


J-9. Alphabet soup. Meat loaf with Creole sauce. 
Buttered hominy. Cauliflower. Shredded lettuce, 
India Relish dressing. Grapefruit peach roll, or- 
ange sauce. 

J- 10. Fruit cocktail. Stuffed lamb chops. Duch- 
ess potatoes. Parsley peas. Lettuce, pickled onions 
and stoned ripe olives. Rhubarb pie. 

J-11. Clear broth. Chicken a la King on pattie 
shell. Graham clover leaf rolls. Macedoine fruit 
salad. Butter pecan ice cream. 

J-12. Pineapple juice. Toasted mushroom sand- 
wiches. Combination vegetable. Raspberry schaum 

J-13. Cherry juice. Ham ring with peas. Cream- 
ed potatoes. Chicory cucumber, onion and radish. 
Peach snowbank pie. 

J- 14. Chilled strawberry juice. Roast Iamb. 
Browned potatoes. Spinach ring with corn and 
mushrooms. Peach, cottage cheese and raspberry 
jam. Frozen eggnog. Petite Four. 

J-13. Tomato cocktail. Veal pot pie with pastry 
cheese crust. Boiled potatoes. Mixed pickles. Rice 
and raisin pudding, cream. 

J- 16. Antipasto. Chicken leg and bacon. Brown 
rice. Asparagus. Waldorf in lemon gelatin. Red 
cherry pudding. 

J- 17. Italian minestrone. Ground beef patties. 
Spinach and noodles au gratin. Tomato aspic with 
chopped celery and pickle. Banana split sundae. 

J-18. Bouillon with pearl tapioca. Brunswick 
stew. Corn bread. Prune pie. 


J- 19. Jellied consomme. Salmon cucumber salad 
with ketchup, mayonnaise and salted almonds. 
Lattice potatoes. Buttered new peas. Green and 
ripe olives. Cherry tarts. 

J-20. Consomme egg drop. Tomato and bacon 
shortcake. Pineapple avocado. Lemon sherbet, gum 
drop cookie. 

J-21. Cantaloupe balls in ginger syrup. Fried 
chicken. Buttered noodles. Buttered beets and 
greens. Tomato, chiffonade dressing. Orange up- 
side down cake with vanilla ice cream. 

J-22. Celery bisque. Eggs baked in tomato 
halves. Hash brown potatoes. Buttered green lima 
beans. Mixed green salad, French dressing. Angel 
food a la mode with pineapple sauce. 

J-23. Chicken okra soup. Boiled tongue. Cream- 
ed potatoes and peas. Cole slaw in tomato cups. 
Jelly roll refrigerator pudding. 

J-24. Pea bisque. Barbecued lamb. Mashed po- 
tatoes. Wax beans w^ith parsley. Pineapple. Rasp- 
berry shortcake. 

J-25. Strawberries and powdered sugar. Fried 
perch. Potato au gratin. Baked stuffed tomato. 
Carrot, beans and cauliflow^er. Orange cocoanut 

J- 2 6. Tomato juice. Mushroom souiBe with 
creamed shrimp. Parslied potato balls. Spinach. 
Orange and lime gelatin with salted almond may- 
onnaise. Banana meringue pie, w^hipped cream. 

J-27. Royal Anne cherries in red cherry juice. 
Sliced cold corned beef. Escalloped potatoes. Mix- 
ed vegetable. Chocolate nut cake, whipped cream. 


J-28. Clear soup with fried onion rings. Steak. 
Buttered potatoes. Tomato cup with lima beans. 
Fruit in melon ring. Pistachio ice cream, choco- 
late sauce. 

J-29. Shrimp and pineapple cocktail. Chili beef 
patties with bacon. Broiled bananas. Jellied vege- 
table. Blackberry pie. 

J-3Q. Chicken broth. Salad plate — potato salad, 
deviled egg, ham and asparagus, fruit salad. Blue- 
berry muffins. Angel parfait. 



Jy-1. Tomato juice. Roast veal. Browned pota- 
toes. Five-minute creamed cabbage. Beet pickles. 
Cherry pie. 

Jy-2. Consomme with cream sauce dumpling. 
Chicken Spanish. Brown rice. Bread and butter 
pickles. Cantaloupe a la mode. 

Jy-3. Pineapple juice. Broiled lake trout. Baked 
potato. Buttered carrot. Cabbage, tomato, cucum- 
ber. Lemon pie. 

Jy-4. Tomato juice with lemon ring. Broiled 
ham. Baked creamed potatoes. Beets and greens. 
Pineapple, cottage cheese. Peach snowbank pie. 

Jy-6. Chicken okra soup. Sliced corned beef. 
Potato au gratin. Summer squash. Mixed green. 
Black cherries and pecans in orange gelatin. 

Jy-7. Lima bean soup. Liver and bacon. Cot- 
tage fried potatoes. Corn on cob. Sliced cucum- 


ber. radish and onion in vinegar. Fresh peach 

Jy-8. Pea bisque. Broiled veal kidneys. Stuffed 
baked tomatoes. Buttered carrots and onions. Ba- 
nana nut. Pineapple raisin bread pudding. 

Jy-9. Mock turtle soup. Beef and veal loaf. 
Browned potatoes. Broiled tomatoes. Sliced cu- 
cumber on cream dressing. Cream tapioca pud- 

Jy-10. Celery bisque. Toasted shrimp cheese 
sandwich. Combination. Blueberry sundae. 

Jy-11. Orangeade with orange ice. Frankfurters. 
Tomatoes stuffed with potato salad. Buttered peas. 
Horseradish, cottage cheese. Watermelon. 

Jy-12. Jellied consomme. Roast chicken. Mashed 
potatoes. Buttered spinach, corn on cob. Melon 
ball, grape and pineapple. Orange sherbet, lady 


Jy-13. Red and white cherry and cocoanut cock- 
tail. Beef roly-poly with brown gravy. Lattice po- 
tato. Mixed vegetable. Berry sago pudding. 

Jy-l4. Frozen tomato cocktail. Breaded pork 
tenderloin. Escalloped potatoes. Buttered beets. 
Waldorf and grape. Peaches with custard sauce. 

Jy-15. Clear broth. Sweetbread salad. Julienne 
potatoes. Grapefruit and cucumber in lime gela- 
tin ring. Melon with raspberry ice. 

Jy-16. Grenadine fruit cup. Beef rolled roast. 
Browned potatoes. Creamed kohlrabi. Blue plum 
and pineapple tidbit. Frozen custard. 

Jy-17. Bananas in pineapple juice. Crabmeat 
mousse. Buttered noodles with crumbs. Fried pine- 


apple. Lettuce, Russian dressing. Blueberry upside 
down cake. 

Jy-19. Blackberry and pineapple cup. Broiled 
chicken. Rice mushroom stuffing. Minted peas. 
Cucumber and radish. Raspberry meringues a la 

Jy-20. Crabmeat cocktail. Boiled tongue. Italian 
spaghetti. Swiss chard. Ripe olives and sweet 
gherkins. Cantaloupe sundae. 

Jy-21. Pmeapple raspberry cup. Creamed chipped 
beef. Fried rice. Buttered peas and carrots. Chic- 
ory, cucumber. Prune chiffon pie. 

Jy-22. Celery and ripe olives. Grilled bacon and 
frankfurter. Corn on cob. Creamed onions. Butter- 
ed cut green beans. Sliced sour beets. Gooseberry 

Jy-23. Sardine cocktail. Baked stuffed cymling 
(scalloped squash) with ham and green pepper. 
Whole wheat rolls. Pineapple, carrot in lemon 
gelatin. Banana fluff pie, whipped cream. 

Jy-24. Honey dew melon in gingerale. Salmon 
Delmonico. Rice and green pepper ring. Whole 
green beans. Pickled peach. Seven layer cake, 
mocha icing. 

Jy-25. Chicken rice soup. Assorted cold sausage. 
Potato chips. Sliced tomato. Cabbage and pepper 
slaw. Peach and orange cream puff. 

Jy-26. Shrimp cocktail. Roast duck. Mashed po- 
tato. Oyster plant. Melon ball, plum and cherry. 
Apple pie and cheese. 

Jy-27. Cream of chicken soup. Fresh fruit salad 
plate. Bran muffins. White cake, fudge icing. 


Jy-28. Melon bail cocktail. Lamb chops. Baked 

potato stuffed with chives and pimiento. Creamed 

string beans and carrots. Apricot. Crackers, cream 

cheese and Bar le due. 

Jy-29. Consomme with lemon ring. Chicken a 

la King tarts. Cloverleaf rolls. Fresh fruit. Praline 


Jy-30. Grape juice. Stuffed Veal birds. Parsley 

potatoes. Succotash. Tomato, chiffonade dressing. 

Apple dumpling, vanilla sauce. 

Jy-31. Mixed sweet pickles. Vegetable pie with 

peanut butter biscuits. Head lettuce. Thousand 

Island dressing. Fruit salad sundae. 


A-l. Grapefruit juice. Roast veal. Browned 
potatoes. String beans. Sliced tomatoes. Green 
apple pie. 

A-2. Apple, pineapple, cherrv cocktail. Fried 
perch. Creamed potatoes. Peas. Sliced sour beets. 
Lemon chiffon pie. 

A- 3. Banana, black cherr)^, nut, orange cocktail. 
Cold sliced tongue. Escalloped potatoes. Buttered 
beets. Lettuce, Thousand Island dressing. Mint 
ice cream, chocolate sauce. 

A-4. Half melon. Baked chicken. Potato au 
gratin. Baked tomato. Cucumber, radish, raw car- 
rot, celery, onion. Peach parfait. 

A- 5. Sweet gherkins. Frankfurters. Potato, tgg 
and celery salad. Sliced tomato. Watermelon. 


A-6. Consomme Royal. Spanish steak. Mashed 
potatoes. Boiled corn on cob. Shredded lettuce. 
Baked apple with cream. 

A-7. Red cherry and honeydew ball cocktail. 
Veal cutlet. Creamed potatoes. Swiss chard. Pine- 
apple. Rice custard pudding. 

A-8. Tomato juice. Braised lamb. Mashed po- 
tatoes. Buttered carrots. Cabbage, banana. Apple 

A-9. Melon ball cocktail. Cold sea food platter. 
Potato chips. Carrot, string beans, peas, endive, 
French dressing. Pineapple charlotte russe. 

A- 10. Bread and butter pickles. Steak and onion 
pie. Hash brown potato. Cabbage, raw carrot, 
raisin salad. Sliced peaches and cream, assorted 

A-11. Stuffed black cherries in melon halves. 
Lamb chops. Baked potatoes. Lima beans. Pear, 
grapefruit, mint gelatin. Caramel ice cream. 

A-12. Grape juice cubes in lemonade. Ham- 
burger. Spaghetti with tomato sauce. Buttered 
string beans. Perfection. Peach pie. 

A-13. Orange punch, assorted crackers. Stuffed 
tomato salad. Cloverleaf rolls. Olives, celery. Hot 
fudge sundae. 

A-14. Sea food cocktail. Roast chuck of beef. 
Mashed potato. Green beans. Apple, celery, nut 
and cocoanut. Apricot, tapioca pudding, whipped 

A-15. Bouillon. Veal loaf. Boiled potato with 
cheese sauce. Baked tomato stuffed with corn. 
Mixed green. Baked pears, whipped cream. 


A-l6. Corn bisque. Cold salmon with chili sauce. 
Baked potato. Bean, pea, celery, onion. Peach 

A-17. Hard cooked egg soup. Cold corned beef. 
Escalloped potatoes. Mixed vegetable. Blackberry 

A-18. Consomme ABC. Roast lamb. Buttered 
potato balls. Buttered cauliflower. Pineapple, grape 
and banana. Cantaloupe a la mode. 

A- 19. Celery and pea bisque. Open bacon cheese 
sandwich. Broiled tomato slice. Stuffed celery, 
radish, olives. Pineapple sherbet. 

A.20. Grape, melon ball, pineapple and lemon 
ice. Green ham, baked pear. Mashed potato. Oyster 
plant with crumbs. Apple strudel. 

A-21. Pineapple juice. Corn souffle with mush- 
room sauce. Baked tomato. Swiss chard, creamed 
celery. Apricot tart with nut meringue. 

A-22. Banana and orange juice cup. Ham 
mousse ring. Potato salad. Sliced cucumber, radish 
and green olive. Praline cake. 

A-23. White cherries in grape juice. Toasted 
tomato sandwich with rarebit sauce. Julienne po- 
tato. Swiss chard. Pear, pineapple. Frozen custard. 

A- 24. Fruit cup with lemon ice. Creamed ham 
and mushrooms. Noodle ring. Buttered carrots 
and peas. Pineapple. Fresh cocoanut cake. 

A-23. Jellied consomme. Fried chicken. Mashed 
potato. Corn on cob. Fruit. Vanilla ice cream, 
Gold cake. 

A-26. Bouillon. Curry of lamb. Rice. Buttered 
cocoanut. Sour cherry Betty. 


A-27. Celery broth. Creamed eggs and chipped 
beef croustade. Spinach. Pear and orange. Peach 

A- 28. Banana raspberry cocktail. Chicken and 
veal shortcake. Potato pattie. Glazed carrots. Ra- 
dish, onion, shredded lettuce, French dressing. 
Plum upside down cake, whipped cream. 

A-29. Apricot, grape and red cherry cocktail. 
Smoked whitefish. Combination. Caramel banana, 
whipped cream. 

A-30. Shrimp and celery cocktail. Baked ham. 
Creamed potatoes and peas. Spiced peach. Lemon 
snow pudding. 



S-l. Jellied consomme. Fried chicken. Creamed 
potatoes and peas. Corn on cob. Cucumber, to- 
mato and raw kohlrabi. Peach sundae. 

S-2. Honeydew melon. Chicken a la Maryland. 
Mashed potatoes. Fried eggplant. Diana. Choc- 
olate chip ice cream. 

S-3. Asparagus bisque. Assorted cold sausages. 
Baked stuffed potato. Wax beans with parsley. 
Tomato and cucumber aspic. Fresh fruit shortcake. 

S-4. Tomato okra soup. Lamb patties. Parsley 
buttered potatoes. Creamed peas and celery. Assort- 
ed grapes in mint gelatin. Pineapple meringue 


S-5. Shrimp cocktail. Swiss steak. Brown rice. 
Swiss chard. Fresh fruit. Toffee ice cream, choc- 
olate sauce. 

S-6. Herring canape. Broiled trout. Mashed 
potatoes. Buttered carrots. Pickled beets. Prune pie. 

S-7. Pineapple juice. Sliced cold corned beef. 
German potato salad. Spinach. Sliced tomato and 
cucumber. Peaches and cream cocoanut cake. 

S-8. Broiled grapefruit half. Baked ham. Sweet 
potato. Buttered green lima beans. Waldorf. Co- 
coanut cream pie. 

S-9. Chicken rice soup. Cottage cheese. Shoe- 
string potatoes. Jellied tomato ring with mixed 
vegetables. Caramel fudge cake. 

S-10. Chicken noodle soup. Sweet bread salad. 
Rice ring with green peas. Pear, white grape and 
cream cheese. Blueberry tart. 

S-11. Consomme ABC. Roast cannelon of beef 
with browned pears. Creamed potatoes. Baked 
tomato with corn. Cabbage, green pepper slaw. 
Apple Betty. 

S-12. Crab meat and celery cocktail. Lamb bacon 
and onion brochette. Buttered rice. Hot pickled 
beets. Pear, cottage cheese and nut. Fried figlets, 
hard sauce. 

S-13. Chicken broth. Scotch wock. Julienne po- 
tatoes. Buttered peas. Tomato, cucumber with 
Roquefort dressing. Pineapple sherbet. 

S-14. Grapefruit juice. Creamed dried beef, 
mushroom and green pepper in potato string nests. 
Buttered oyster plant. Combination vegetable. 
Cherry nut torte. 


S-15. Pineapple punch, sardine and cheese ca- 
nape. Tenderloin steak. Baked potatoes. Carrots 
and peas. Grapefruit sections in wine gelatin. 
Angel food cake a la mode. 

S-16. Iced coffee angostura. Tomato stuffed with 
egg salad. Potato chips. Buttered beans. Olives, 
celery and crab apple pickles. Carrot torte, whipp- 
ed cream. 

S-17. Chicken broth with liver dumpling. Cream- 
ed ham, celery and cheese. Spanish rice ring. 
Mixed green. Baked pears, whipped cream. 

S-18. Tomato bouillon. Jellied veal salad with 
egg sauce. Parsley sticks. Spinach, carrots, beets, 
corn. White cake with sliced peaches, whipped 

S-19. Cream of celery soup. Spanish pot roast. 
Buttered noodles. Cut green beans. Caloe. Gin- 
gerbread, apple butter, whipped cream. 

S-20. Fruit hors d'oeuvres. Cold smoked white 
fish. Escalloped potatoes au gratin. Buttered beets. 
Perfection. Baked custard, caramel sauce. 

S-21. Cream of mushroom soup. Egg, avocado 
and Roquefort salad. Bran muffin. Celery and 
olives. Prune whip. 

S-22. Crab meat cocktail. Chicken casserole. Po- 
tato in cream. Broccoli. Pineapple, pear and cherry. 
Coffee brazil nut ice box cake. 

S-23. Consomme, egg custard cubes. Panbroiled 
veal chops. Creamed potato au gratin. Kead let- 
tuce, chili sauce dressing. Grape tapioca whipped , 


S-24. Pea bisque. Broiled bacon. Corn bread. 
Baked tomato with creamed mushrooms. Prune 
nut. Frozen cocoanut bisque. 

S-25. Vegetable soup. Pork tenderloin pattie. 
Escalloped sweet potato, apple and pecan. Tomato 
slice with molded cucumber jelly. Peach roly-poly. 

S-26. Fruit cup. Casserole of tongue with vege- 
tables. Boiled potatoes. Cabbage, banana. Rice 
custard pudding. 

S-27. Clam bisque. Fried oysters. Hash brown 
potatoes. Creamed peas. Tomato cabbage slaw. 
Baked Indian pudding a la mode. 

S-28. White grape in orange juice. Lamb kidney 
sausage and bacon grill. Buttered hominy. Buttered 
string beans. Rosy apple. Date torte. 

S-29. Oyster cocktail. Roast duck. Mashed potato. 
Creamed cauliflower. Orange, green pepper. Apple 

S-30. Tomato juice. Beef loaf. Browned potatoes. 
Baked stuffed onions. Colonnade. Cherry pie. 


O-l. Pineapple juice. Tropical beef loaf. Baked 
stuffed potato. Succotash. Shredded lettuce, onion, 
pimiento. French dressing. Blueberry pie. 

0-2. Split pea soup. Omelet with buttered 
corn and green pepper sauce. Potato au gratin. 
Broiled tomato half. Apple sauce tart. 


0-3. Grape juice. Cube steak. Hash brown po- 
tatoes. Escalloped tomato. Lettuce, asparagus, sliced 
egg. Thousand Island dressing. Raisin pie. 

0-4. Corn bisque. Apple, celery, tuna fish salad. 
Shoestring potatoes. Olives and pickles. Fudge 

0-5. Oyster stew. Bran muffin. Cabbage, pine- 
apple, cocoanut. Lime refrigerator pie. 

0-6. Filled melon ring cocktail. Roast chicken. 
Mashed potato. Baked tomato stuffed with corn. 
Grapefruit gelatin. Angel food with sliced bananas 
and whipped cream. 

0-7. Chicken okra soup. Sauted kidneys. Brown 
rice. Hot sour beets. Pear and ground nut. Peach 
macaroon pudding. Whipped cream. 

0-8. Cream of corn. Poached egg on asparagus 
on toast. Potato pattie. Sliced tomato. Chocolate 
pudding with whipped cream. 

0-9. Tomato okra soup. Veal loaf. Parsley 
creamed potatoes. Buttered baby lima beans. Pear, 
grape, currant jelly, mayonnaise. Bread pudding, 
fniit sauce. 

O-IO. Celery bouillon. Mutton chops. Pimiento 
au gratin potatoes. Buttered broccoli. Apple cocoa- 
nut on peach half. Blue plum refrigerator cake. 

O-ll. Minced oyster bisque. Broiled trout. Baked 
potato. Buttered string beans. Jellied fruit. Apple 

0-12. Cream of celery soup. Macaroni, mush- 
rooms and cheese. Buttered peas and carrots. Cole 
slaw. Fruit salad sundae. 


0-13. Crab meat cocktail. Roast duck. Mashed 
potato. Oyster plant with buttered crumbs. Wal- 
dorf. Pumpkin cocoanut pie. 

0-14. Beef broth with rice. Lamb stew with 
dumplings. Boiled potato. Sour beet. Baked apple 
wath honey and spiced whipped cream. 

0-15. Tomato juice. Cheese souffle. Potato chips. 
Mixed vegetable. Lemon sherbet, chocolate 

0-16. Orange, banana, grapefruit cup. Rolled 
flank steak with marinated vegetables. Browned 
potatoes. Tomato stuffed with cole slaw. Ginger- 
bread with whipped cream. 

0-17. Vegetable soup. Sliced corned beef. Mac- 
aroni and cheese. Butttered spinach. Beet, aspar- 
agus, egg salad, French dressing. Pineapple cream 
pie with cocoanut meringe. 

0-18. Consomme. Carrot, peanut ring with cauh'- 
flower. Hollandaise. Date muffins. Buttered lima 
beans, buttered beets, Cabbage, green pepper 
Baked custard, caramel sauce. 

0-19. Cream of asparagus soup. Frankfurters. 
Escalloped potatoes. Cabbage, carrot, green pepper, 
onion with cream mayonnaise. Prune whip. 

C>-20. Orange juice with broiled prune canape. 
Tenderloin steak. French fried potatoes. String 
beans with creamed onions. Cream cheese and 
cucumber on tomato slice. Chocolate ice cream. 

U-21. Radishes aand celery. Hot chicken sand- 
wich. Mashed potatoes. Parslied carrots. Sliced 
tomato. Cherry tapioca. 


0-22. Celery bisque. Sea shell salad (mixed sea 
foods) . Julienne potatoes. Buttered peas and min- 
ced mushrooms. Apricot half. Orange nut pie. 

0-23. Cream of string bean soup. Italian sand- 
wich. Sauted corn. Mixed green, French dressing. 
Butterscotch sundae. 

0-24. Prune juice. Pot roast of beef. Macaroni 
with tomato sauce. Buttered turnips. Dill pickles. 
Apricot cream tapioca tart. 

0-25. Oyster cocktail. Baked halibut shce, cu- 
cumber, horseradish sauce. Rice croquettes. Cream- 
ed peas. Toss-up cook's salad. Plum pie. 

0-26. Cream of chicken soup. Cottage cheese 
and brazil nuts. Escalloped cabbage. Buttered green 
limas, corn niblets and diced beets. Pineapple. 
Raspberry pie. 

0-27. Minted grapefruit. Fried chicken. Mashed 
potatoes. Escalloped corn. Jellied raw cranberry. 
Mince pie. 

0-28. Chicken noodle. Pork sausage. Baked sweet 
potato. Fried cabbage with onion and green pep- 
per. Rosy apple. Chocolate blanc mange. 

0-29. Fruit cup. Baked pork chops. Brown rice 
and tomato casserole. Five-minute creamed cab- 
bage. Mixed pickles. Graham nut pudding, vine- 
gar butter sauce. 

O-30. Orange cocoanut cup. Fricassee of chicken 
with biscuit. Mashed potatoes. Buttered cauli- 
flower. Head lettuce, Russian dressing. Cherry pie. 

0-31. Chicken broth. Spinach ring with creamed 
chipped beef. Noodles with buttered crumbs. But- 
tered carrots. Spiced peach. Prune cream pie. 



N-l. Tomato juice. Creamed codfish in potato 
nest. Buttered broccoli. Apricot. Blueberry pie. 

N-2. Celery, pickles, olives, Creole corn scallop. 
Buttered beets. Cole slaw. Vanilla ice cream and 
cup cake. 

N-3. Pineapple juice. Roast chicken, noodle 
stuffing. Escalloped tomato. Buttered peas, cauli- 
flower. Lettuce, French dressing. Apple pie. 

N-4. Grapefruit juice. Baked tomato with 
creamed fish. Potato chips. Cabbage. Fudge cake. 

N-5. Cream of tomato soup with pearl. Ham- 
burger patties with bacon on toast. Au gratin 
potatoes. French fried onions. Celery and Olives. 
Mincemeat pie. 

N-6. Orange juice. Sweetbread browned in 
butter. Creamed potato and peas. Pear, pineapple, 
red cherry. Boston cream pie. 

N-7. Cream of potato soup. Corned beef. Devil- 
ed spaghetti. Sauerkraut. Pear, prune pie. 

N-8. Chicken broth. Oyster and sweetbread pie. 
Buttered spinach. Tomato slice and lettuce. Prune 
gelatin whip. 


N-9. Lamb soup Spanish style. Escalloped corn. 
Hot sour beets. Pineapple, prune, cottage cheese. 
Chocolate blanc mange. 

N-10. Cream of corn soup. Roast pork. Baked 
sweet potato. Cauliflower. Citni?; fruit. Raisin pie. 

N-11. Spiced cider cup. Baked creamed veal. 
Boiled rice. Glazed carrots. Perfection. Caramel 

N-12. Cream of chicken soup. Grapefruit. Shrimp 
and celery salad. Hot baking powder biscuits. 
Buttered asparagus. Currant jelly on orange slice. 
Mocha chocolate mousse. 

N-13. Consomme. Rabbit and string bean cas- 
serole. Buttered noodles. Jellied cherry. Pineapple 
upside down cake. 

N-14. Prune juice. Round steak rolls with cab- 
bage stuffing. Pan browned potatoes. Stewed to- 
matoes. Pear. Poppy seed cake, whipped cream. 

N-15. Celery bisque. Flounder in cheese and 
wine sauce. Baked stuffed potatoes. Buttered rat 
tail beans. Pineapple, Thousand Island dressing. 
Ice box cheese cake. 

N-16. Chicken egg drop soup. New England 
boiled dinner. Mixed pickles. Blackberry pie. 

N-17. Mushroom bisque. Roast duck with baked 
oranges. Mashed sweet potatoes. Creamed cabbage. 
Pear, grape, cream cheese. Plum pudding. Brandy 


N-18. Split pea soup. Sauted giblets. Brown 
rice in pepper cases. Buttered carrots. Sour beet. 
Apple strudel. 

N-19. Cream of asparagus soup. Rolled omelet 
with glazed fruit. Julienne potato. Spinach ring 
with mushrooms. Celery hearts. Biscuit tortoni. 

N-20. Pea bisque. Breaded veal cutlet. Escalloped 
potatoes. Buttered green baby lima beans. Orange 
slices, green pepper, lettuce. Custard pie. 

N-21. Fruit cup with cranberry ice. Roast lamb 
shoulder with glazed pineapple and mint. Mashed 
potato. Brussels sprouts. Gingerbread with apple 
sauce and whipped cream. 

N-22. Canned raspberry juice wath lemon — 
assorted crackers. Tuna fish and noodle casserole. 
Waldorf salad with toasted cocoanut. Prune pie 
with whipped cream. 

N-23. Clam chowder. Petit veal birds in noodle 
ring. Spinach. Peach currant jelly. Caramel sundae. 

N-24. Toasted almond bisque. Roast leg of Iamb. 
Browned potatoes. Lima beans. Spliced pear and 
pimiento. Chocolate cake a la mode with hot 
fudge sauce. 

N-25. Sea food salad canape. Cheese fondue 
with creamed celery sauce. Baked tomato. Carrot, 
cabbage and green pepper. Baked apple a la 


N-26. Lentil soup. Broiled stuffed frankfurters. 
Escalloped potatoes. Parslied carrots. Rosy apple. 
Banana shortcake. 

N-27. Tomato okra bouillon. Succotash with 
Julienne ham. Bran muffin. Mixed green, Russian 
dressing. Vanilla ice cream with orange cranberry 

N-28. Frosted grapes. Roast turkey, giblet dress- 
ing. Mashed potatoes. Creamed onions. Cabbage, 
apple, nut, raisin in lemon gelatin. Pumpkin pie. 

N-29. Onion bouillon. Escalloped oysters. Beets, 
spinach, lima beans and carrots. Cranberry, pine- 
apple gelatin. Lemon tart. 

N-30. Chicken rice soup. Baked stuffed heart. 
Creamed potatoes. Carrot, green pepper and celery 
saute. Chinese cabbage, French dressing. Steamed 
chocolate nut pudding. Foamy sauce. 



D-l. Apple cider. Roast capon. Mashed po- 
tatoes. Buttered Brussels sprouts and creamed cel- 
ery. Jellied pineapple and cranberry. Baked Indian 
pudding with ice cream. 

D-2. Prune juice. Roast green ham. Riced pota- 
toes. Stewed corn. Peach and currant jelly. Steamed 
vegetable pudding — Hard sauce. 

D-3. Bouillon. Beef and lamb pie. Parsley 
buttered potato. Buttered carrots. Cabbage and 
green pepper. Prune whip. 

D-4. Grape juice. Chicken leg with sausage stuff- 
ing. Potato au gratin, O'Brien. Buttered peas. Pine- 
apple. Chocolate cocoanut meringue pie. 

D-5. Tomato juice. Veal and ham souffle. Pars- 
ley creamed potato. Buttered string beans. Per- 
fection. Baked rice custard. 

D-6. Chicken okra soup. Creamed salmon in 
rice ring. Spinach. Mixed cooked vegetable, 
French dressing. Pineapple pie. 

D-7. Navy bean soup. Hamburger pattie. Escal- 
loped potatoes. Peas and carrots with parsley. 
Apricot. Raisin pie. 

D-8. Pineapple juice. Roast duck. Riced potato. 
Escalloped corn and tomato. Lettuce, radish and 
olive, French dressing. Cocoanut pumpkin pie. 


D-9. Cream of celery. French hash. Boiled 
brown rice. Buttered string beans. Wilted lettuce. 
Boston cream pie with hot fudge sauce. 

D-10. Cream of tomato soup. Braised veal chop. 
Hash browned potatoes. Stewed corn with green 
pepper. Mixed green. Butterscotch pie. 

D-11. Pear, grape cocktail. Sliced cold corned 
beef. Escalloped noodles with spinach. Buttered 
carrots and lima beans. Sliced sour beets. Date 

D-12. Orange juice. Pan fried liver. Au gratin 
potato. Pickled beets. Peach and crushed pine- 
apple. Chocolate tapioca pudding. 

D-13. Cream of mushroom soup. Filet of flound- 
er, Thermidor. French fried potato. Buttered 
broccoli. Pear and pimiento. Lemon sherbet. 

D-14. Bean soup. Pork sausage. Buttered hominy. 
Baked squash. Mixed pickles. Cranberry pie. 

D-15. Shrimp cocktail. Chicken a la Maryland. 
Glazed sweet potatoes. Asparagus, buttered crumbs. 
Grape, orange and pear. Pecan parfait. 

D-16. Vegetable soup. Lamb pattie on pineapple. 
Brown rice with cheese sauce. Spinach. Sweet 
gherkins and assorted olives. Apricot tart. 

D-17. Corn bisque. Smoked tongue. Raisin sauce. 
Mashed potatoes. Creamed cabbage. Spiced crab- 
apple. Pineapple gingerbread upside down cake. 



D-18. Tomato rice soup. Beef a la mode. Let- 
tuce, India Relish dressing. Orange cranberry 
gelatin, whipped cream. 

D-19. Apricot juice with orange sherbet. Bacon 
and bean rarebit. Cabbage, beet, celery, onion. 
Honey chocolate cake. 

D-20. Chicken broth with parsley and curry. 
French fried shrimp. Spanish rice. Baked stuffed 
onion. Head lettuce, French dressing. Apricot pie. 

D-21. Green pea soup. Beef loaf. Potato pattie. 
Stewed tomato and onion. Waldorf. Peach cobbler. 

D-22. Grapefruit and lime cocktail. Roast pork. 
Mashed potato. Salsify, buttered crumbs. Kidney 
beans, string beans, celery, peas, onion. Banana pie. 

D-23. Noodle soup. Spanish steak. Baked potato. 
Lima bean, celery, carrot casserole. Dill pickles. 
Fruit cake in lemon gelatin, whipped cream. 

D-24. Tomato bouillon. Sweetbread, pork sau- 
sage and bacon grill. Potato au gratin. Buttered 
peas and buttered spiced beets. Cranberry gelatin. 
Hot fudge sundae. 

D-25. Oyster cocktail. Roast goose — giblet dress- 
ing. Mashed potatoes. Creamed celery. Jellied 
spiced apple sauce. Plum pudding, Brandy sauce. 


D-26. Grapefruit juice. Broiled bacon. Escallop- 
ed tomatoes, buttered string beans. Prune, cheese 
and nut. Apple dumpling, custard sauce. 

D-27. Crab meat and celery cocktail. Oyster 
cutlets. Creamed potatoes and peas. Apricot and 
nut, marshmallow mayonnaise. Caramel almond 

D-28. Tomato bisque with croutons. Pork shanks. 
Boiled potatoes. Sweet sour cabbage, Stuffed prune. 
Bread and apple pudding with apricot sauce. 

D-29. Cream of toasted almond. Roast turkey. 
Mashed potatoes. Cauliflower, Hollandaise. Fruit. 
Caramel ice cream, assorted cookies. 

D-30. Split pea with frankfurter slice. Stuffed 
spare ribs. Browned potato. Mashed turnips. Pear 
and stuffed apricot. Cinnamon torte with custard 

D.31. Chicken broth. Turkey a la King. Juli- 
enne potatoes. Peas. Orange, green pepper. Cof?-- 
gelatin, whipped cream. 

•e o'es 085 


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